Give germany britain and italy the eurofighter!

(This is mostly for germany)
I know its a meme that Germany suffers (especially in top tier air)
BUT PLEASE give germany a joined domesticly produced modern jet that can acually dogfight

All other nations have GRAT FOX-3 capable airframes (F-16, F-15-Su27, Gripen etc) But germany gets a F4? Siriously give Germany a good Airframe for high br that gets the FOX-3 and not an WAY TOO overtiered F-4.
Yes The F-4 is a good Airframe but above 11.3 its just suffering

ALMOST EVRY other country gets atleast one if not 3 Fox 3 carrying aircraft but germany doesnt?

The time zone with the other aircrafts cant be a problem either.
For example the F-16C programm has been finished 2010 meanwhile the eurofightes maidenflight was the 27th march 1994. I would mind if it wouldnt get the full weapon arsenal like the F-16 in the last update.

The only “issue” theat could cause overperforming with the eurofighter is the ability of thrustvectoring But i guess it would be “fine” to disable it until in a future update when the mechanic is introduced to the f15 for example


Neither the eurofighter nor F-15 have thrust vectoring

I agree that F-4F ICE is kinda bad.


Wait for next update I guess…

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The F-15 ACTIVE has the capability
And the Eurofighter is currently beeing worked on i belive
(i must have miss read those whist doing some digging for the above)

(on anotherhand that is an su 27/Mig 29 right?

F-15 ACTIVE was a one off prototype.

That at the beginning of the video is SU-37, a one off prototype. But Russia has production aircraft with thrust vectoring.

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The Su-27 and Mig-29 we have in game don’t have thrust vectoring irl or in game.

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Takes a while for vehicle development.
Aircraft aren’t modeled in a day.

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They have about 3 weeks time XD


I’m sorry but the EFT would just not be fair

Think Gripen but even better in the manouevring department, with even better radar, CM systems, and weapons. I’d love it as much as the next person, I just don’t think it’d be fair.


Yeah but consider that they might just be fixing all and any of the bugs and inaccuracies (there’s plenty of them) with everything theyve added thus far.

i dont know what you mean. SUUURLY its intended that that on the Cv thingi the comander sight is in the breech or that the 2A4M cheecks dont provide any amor and so many more intended Features RIGGGHT?

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It most defenetly would be the best aircraft. But only giving germany a Overtiered Phantom and a Mig29G with missiles that it never had for top tier air aint the way

Danes are weird like that. I should know.

Bloody Vikings lol

no I do agree. I do think once they sort out the issues (i’ve only heard, can’t confirm myself) with R-77 I’d say put it on the 29G as a stopgap, but other than that I’m just not sure. Because aside from adding a new airframe, sticking AIM-9Li on the F-4F KWS, there’s precisely nothing that can really be done to my knowledge

Imean from what ive heard the 29G is basically a 29 with Nato radar and rwr it already didnt had the R-73E that it currently has in game.

The F-4 ICE also has some issues (like the br and stuff)

The only positive thing about the current setup is the matchmaker that will put the F-4 in more downtiers.

I don’t necessarily think so. The Typhoon might be better than the Gripens, but it wouldn’t be better than the F-15s or Su-27s.
Flight performance:
The Typhoon has an instantaneous turn rate of 30deg/s and 23 sustained, compared to 30/20 for the JAS-39 and 28.5/20.5 for the F-15C. Time to Mach 1.5 at 35,000ft is 150 seconds. The F-15C can reach 30,000ft in 78 seconds and the JAS-39C can reach 33,000ft in 120 seconds. However, neither of these include the time to speed which is likely another 30 seconds or so.
This is the JAS-39’s biggest weakness. Its PS-05 can detect a fighter-sized target at 120km. The Typhoon can do so at 135km, and the F-15C’s AN/APG-63 SPS at 150km. This is of course the CAPTOR-M and not the more powerful CAPTOR-E of the later variants.
Untill radar jammers are added, only flare/chaff matters, and the JAS-39C has more. The Gripen can carry 4 BOL pods of 160 countermeasures to the ETF’s 2, for 640 CMs + 96LCCMs vs 320+32. The F-15C can carry 880 though 640 may be at the expense of armament, I haven’t checked.
The Typhoon historically carried IRIS-T and ASRAAM, with the former also being on the JAS39. Without those missiles (which justifiably aren’t coming this update) both aircraft are limited to AIM-120A/B and AIM-9M/L(I)-1. This is probably the largest weakness of the JAS39 compared to the Typhoon, as it only has 4+2 ARH+IR missiles compared to 6+2. However, then the F-15C has 8+0 or 4+4 (ik its missing from the game atm, but should be fixed by launch) which offers equal close-range performance or superior long-range at the pilot’s discretion.

And there’s also always the possibility of adding the DA.1, 2, and 3 which all had less powerful engines than production Tiffys

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Forgive me… but how is the Flanker better than the EFT again? Last I checked the damn thing is one fat bird of a plane, which begins to fall out of the sky the moment you run low on speed, the radar is god awful from what I know of and have heard.

EFT would run circles around it in ACM, and let’s not bother with BVR.

F-15 I can get my head round somewhat but… Su-27? Nah.

Nope, the MiG-29G is, for the purposes of the game, identical to the regular MiG-29 9.12 it was based on. The actual changes were radio communications, transponders, and landing lights, things which have zero effect in-game. Things like radar, RWR, missiles, and anything relating to airframe are the same as it was before.


Sure, I’ll add the Su-27’s performance (can’t believe I forgot it lol)
28.5/22.5 deg/s
time to altitude uncertain but still good, modified Su-27s having time-to-altitude records
The radar of the Su-27SM is upgraded over the standard Su-27S (the current one)
Radar range: ~128km (reliable info difficult to find)
Countermeasures: 196LCCM
Weapons: 4x R-73 and 6x R-77 or R-27ER. 4/4/2 73/77/27s probably best loadout, providing excellent dogfighting missiles in the highly agile R-73, with R-77s for mid range and R-27ERs for jousts. The ERs will still have best kinematics of any missile in the game, being able to outspeed AIM-120s, helpful in 1v1s though not so much in furballs. R-77s are quite good and on-par with the AIM-120A/B though typically the lesser of the two. The biggest strength is that the Su-27 will simply have more missiles than any of its opponents.
I’d have the Su-27SM/J-11A, F-15 MSIPs, and EFTs at 13.3 with the JAS39s and F-16s at 13.0. I’m also very dissapointed that the Rafale M F/LF1 hasn’t come in this update, but at least France has the F-16.

apart from anything else you can stop them from accidentally slamming a teammate because drop the lock exists.