Give back the elevator to Focke Wulfs

Come on, that december “patch” that fixed the “stall behavior at a critical angle” of the Focke Wulf line was just an excuse to obliterate their elevator… it’s like flying a foosball pole now and it stalls just like usual at the critical angle, so no improvement only nerf.

There was a post from someone about it already but it has been wiped with this new headache forum thing, so here I posted one again.

Big sad


…Fw 189 seems fine

…Fw 189 seems fine

The patch is about the Antons (the D9 is already broken since ages, and they nerfed the As to its level)

FWs have always been some of the most nerfed planes in the game.


I don’t know as though I’d say nerfed… they had the issue where they couldn’t pull enough G a while back (haven’t flown them lately) but the 190’s have one of the most hand hold FM’s compared to reality in game. They’re far too stable, don’t tighten up in turns and I’m very sceptical over the flap performance and lack of drag when deployed.