Give all SPAA the ability to scout

SPAA is given very little purpose on the battlefield unless the vehicle has anti-tank capabilities at its BR. Rather than restricting their usage to purely anti-air provide SPAA vehicles with another avenue of play during the match.


Would like to see this added to the game.


Can you make a poll?


I submitted a post to the suggestions section as well it needs to be approved.


I hope you will announce if it got approved, so we can find it

The idea is good and would give players something to do when there are no planes in the sky. Especially as many SPAA are open top and therefore have a good overview.


I’ll link it in this thread if it is.

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Not just scout tanks, but the ability to scout planes.


Sure, why not? Also increase reqards to shoot down aircraft from the ground!


Historicity says;

Reporting and calling for fires was not their role and they wouldn’t have been set up to do it.
Game wise: Many SPAAs are already OP light tanks, so it shouldn’t be a automatic thing. It should be like reload rates, used for game balance and trim vehicles for specific BRs.


I agree.

Make a suggestion about it, or it won’t ever be added.

I submitted one, it’s pending.

War Thunder is a video game. The scouting feature is already unrealistic in how it operates and even reduces the ability to spawn air vehicles. The scouting feature is found on high tier missile only SPAAs already so historical usage is not in Gaijin’s line of thought regarding the feature’s inclusion.

OP light tanks get scouting, why does it matter that OP light tanks classified as SPAA be given the same feature?


Your post made no sense at all.

It’s in plain English if you fail to comprehend it it’s not on my end.

and scout drones at higher BRs

“they shouldn’t be given Scouting because Scouting would be too strong on SPAAs that are as good as light tanks”

Light tanks that are good light tanks are already given scouting, why would it be overpowered for SPAAs to have the same functionality they’d have if they weren’t SPAAs?

Even if I don’t always agree with Vamilad, he’s right on this point.

I’ll take circular argument for a thousand Alex.

Because you would benefit from it?
TBH I’m not against it, since I am an SPAA enjoyer as well, I was just reporting on the “realism” (lol) of it, and how Gaijin does how it does things. So I doubt this will go anywhere.