Give all SPAA the ability to scout

Sure I would benefit from this. I love playing scouts and I love playing SPAA. Why else would I support an idea?

Realism? I think we could bang our heads for hours about this. In the end, everyone has to find out for themselves what they like and what they don’t like.
In the end, we will never all get exactly what we expect and want from WarThunder. We have to make the best of it somehow.

Your argument is what I’m quoting mate.

Agreed. A very fast and mobile vehicle like the LAV-AD should certainly be allowed the ability to scout enemies.

Sort of exists already with the radio commands. I have no idea what it’s like to play aircraft though. Maybe pilots should see enemy aircraft locations if the friendly spaa has a high crew level for vision.

Radio commands are pointless beyond just alerting there is air, it doesn’t help to actually detect nor track the plane.

You should just be able to mark the enemy plane with scouting the same way you mark ground forces, that would be very useful to support the ground forces in avoiding them and friendly air forces to counter them, giving a big advantage to teams that use SPAA, whilst it also can give the SPAA Intelligence rewards for a scouted plane being destroyed, giving them much needed rewards and value in a team.

@miragen bro are you sure it doesn’t do anything helpful? As a ground forces player, the radio command appears to give the altitude, surely this is helpful for pilots who wish to engage the enemy plane, and allows friendly aircraft to understand if they should look near the treeline or above it? It could also indicate bombers at 1000+ feet.

Anyway I agree, having enemy planes on the map would be good, maybe they should always show up if they’re in some kind of detection radius of a scout unit.

Sure, but that’s not a whole lot is it, saying a plane is at 200 meters still lets them be practically anywhere in the world at 200 meters.

Just thought of an idea to add. Allow SPAAG players to have access to Air mini map. Can swap from ground and air map. That way when someone presses T, 1, 6 (Air Alert!) command, the target will flicker for 4 seconds then disappear from the map. Almost like scouting but just for some seconds rather than a whole minute. Can also allow to communicate with other SPAAG/Friendly air vehicles when pin pointing what direction or what area is the enemy plane at.

Just an an idea that just had at this very moment when reading this thread.

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