Ghost shots have drastically increased since update

I rarely go a match without at least one ghost shot since the update. Right now I had a match with no less than 3 instances. In one, a killing shot to a Leopard 1’s hull center has given me an assist while the kill was rewarded to another guy in a plane. In another, a shot against a Puma wasn’t registered even though I was alive for a while. And finally, a shot against a JaPzK A2 (AMX-13 derivative) in his turret cheek (armor analysis shows full penetration) registered, but apparently some aspects of it did not, like the penetration value vs the armor value just not calculating.
Gaijin said they’re fixing the ghost shells issue, and I am always ready to give the benefit of the doubt, but it seems whatever they implemented is not working as intended.

I have a steady 90-100ms ping. I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue at the moment or is it just my observation.


With no statement provided by you as to your actual connection method, I can only point out to you that if you even use wifi, or have a connection that isn’t physical at any stage in your connection, you can get dropped packets without being noticed. This can add to the chances of you experienceing the symptom you describe.

In particular you’ll have a situation come to face that if you’re desynced, you’ll keep getting ghost shells until you respawn almost. I’ve had someone who was having ghost shells, where they were actually damaged and didn’t have it shown on thier client. So they were firing to the enemy, but they were just hitting the ground as the elevation gear was damaged, but on the players screen, they shot them directly.

You’ve ALWAYS got to check the server replays, your client replays are only showing what you seen, again… The server one is what the server seen, and can commonly help in figuring out what has happened.

Always look from their end as well when you are looking at the server replays. Some rocks don’t render at distance, and won’t show up if you’re on your end.

My connection is physical and stable. Ping is consistent across all matches. It has been as such for months, so the trend I’m experiencing is most likely unrelated to that.

I think this makes server vs client replays a bit of a moot point, it is quite obvious there is a difference, and what I assume happened with this update is an increased rate or severity of differences.

I will try to look at the server replay when I get home, but I was just wondering if others observe the same issue.

Yeah about that, before the update it would usually not render vehicles if I was playing CAS and about 10+ km away, but now I notice that even when playing tanks, sometimes an enemy won’t render. But that’s not very common and I’ve noticed it only in high tier matches with longer ranges.

The man’s observations are accurate- I have had multiple shells clip through enemies recently.


Agreed, and it’s particularly common on the US servers. I find it somewhat annoying that the most occurrences happen when I’m up against russian hardware.

I live in Silicon Valley Ca., fiber hardwired connection and yet my ping on US servers never gets under 95.

Makes you wonder…

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I fly and yersterday it was horriable on US servers.

I alos, have noticed more when flying

40 ping stable here, 0% PL, still getting ghost shells.

I almost feel like some of that issue is you encountering the spotting system, and just timing that with the update…

The ghost shells are likely different, but can still be along what I’ve mentioned. You’ll need to report it as a bug/ticket issue and provide the diags and all the logs and all that to look at it.

Encountering “not rendered” Tanks while playing GRB on a regular basis, several times a Match & Day.

Gost shells appear, but not that often. (for me)
Most of the time shots just “hit” the target, but due to desync didn’t do any damage.

Especially targets wich are driving over a rock.

250mb VDSL2+, connected via Lan Cable ~2meters away.

Got no issues in several other games, it comes down to the either the routing - Wich i checked several times (tweaked MTU, Ports a.s.o.) without any issues or - the servers.

Either Gaijin’s Severs just aren’t up to the task (probably) or the games netcode is just trash an can’t keep up. (probably this)

This Crap mentioned above is driving me to just kill the game and playing smth that actually works.

Here’s undeniable proof of ghost shells still happening today - 1GB ethernet (no wifi):

I would be nice if Gaijin would acknowledge this problem and do some research to fix it - it happens to me at least once every couple of days. I have submit bug reports with replays and evidence, but those just get closed without even being approved.