Ghost radar targets

has anyone ever noticed ghost radar targets?
they usually fly at the edges of the map and i once followed one, it was quite hard to get a stable lock onto, but when i got like 0.5km to it i still couldnt see the aircraft (travelling at around mach 0.7-0.8). i could hear it but couldnt see it. and radar was locked onto it…
idk if this was just that match but i do remember encountering this more than once.

in this picture im a 6.5km away but this is the same target that i had been following for a while. and got close to. it never rendered…

lets try these place holder comments to propel this to the top eh?

My guess is that those targets are the same as the old “spots” in Air RB where you thought you spotted an enemy, chased it only to come to the mapborder and realise its false rendering. In this game you have to trust your instinct more than you´d like to due to false, spotting, false radar, false sounds etc.

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yeah its exactly as you described. they even have a thermal signature (im locking it with IRST). and yes they tend to appear at map borders. maybe despawned aircraft?

Honestly no idea, maybe its also something like the soundbug where you hear a plane engine at a certain altiude where a dogfight has happened before but no plane is around at the time when you pass that area. Anyways I can only tell you that if it doesnt react to your presence in any way then you´re probably hunting ghosts and I assume you´re not part of the Ghostbusters? ;-)

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