Get this (severe damage system not working) Part II


Isn’t this nice. I get it. Severe damage is WHEN PILOT IS DEAD./s
No other way.

We gota push for some adjustments/fixes, as this is not “okey”


No when the pilot dies a full kill is awarded.

His engine isnt completely dead. Apart ffom that you did next to nothing and he didnt get set afire from what i see.
Killing all of an aircrafts engines will result in severe damage. I know there are other criteria it can meet but those arent relevant.

EDIT: forgot about flight controls.You have to destroy both aileron ones or just tail control to get severe. Only one aileron control does not work, thus plane is still fine.


They have severely(C w0t i did there) nerfed hit detection as a whole. This in hand changes how EVERYTHING else works. You can get Severe Damage and usually the plane loses a wing or something and generally goes into a slo-mo tumble in the air, just waiting for someone to finish them off, easy if it’s a fighter(most anyway) a little harder for attackers/heavy fighters and nearly impossible for bombers in less than 3 - 4 more passes. But other times, they will just keep flying like nothing really happened. This is the (new) way. Assists seem actually a little easier to get now and are easier than getting a critical hit. Assists come with just 1 or 2 basic/light hits(as indicated by a “hit” notification) and if you disengage, much more likely for team mates to finish them off now than before the change. To me, and I think most native English speakers, Critical Hit & Severe Damage mean basically the same thing, but in the game they are separate and have specific criteria(I assume) and no, a kill still isn’t automatically a “critical hit”, even tho by many’s logic it should be. It just never really was. And the action in air combat can be really fast(I play AB, so yeah . . . it is . . .lol) and a lot of the “notifications” do not show, are only there for a very short period of time or you simply do not have time to see them all accurately.
Now all of this is strongly influenced by one thing, Hit Detection, as I mentioned, it affects all these other things. Back last year, late August/early Sept. . . maybe even into Oct. this very same hit detection “nerf” was put into the game for 4 - 6 weeks I think, unannounced and never officially acknowledged that I am aware of and I am fairly sure it was either a testing of some sort for this Severe Damage mechanic or to see if players even noticed. I know I did. It has turned the game into a more or less RNG fest now. You can’t tell where to shoot(lead indicator is pretty useless now, I only use it for ranging anymore) shots that should hit/do damage don’t and planes will just randomly esplode for whatever reason . . it’s very odd/curious.
All that being said, I think it is really just a matter of time for players to get used to the way things work now. Being here over 10 years now and flying AB air battles the majority of that, I have had to “re-learn” how to do it several times. . . they just keep changing stuff . . . I don’t know why, but the one constant here is . . . change. I hope it gets easier for you. I don’t mind the Severe Damage thing too much. But the hit detection thing is just . . I dunno . . . it ruins the game in that it takes “skill” out of the equation a great deal. Between that and the last two times they have “sped up” the game(faster is not better, it’s just faster is all) it’s turning into a slightly interactive cartoon anymore. I liked it much better when the players had more control and match results were based on that . . and not so much on RNG. Less of a game now . . . .seems like . . . . it is what it is