Get rid of Flanders

1 capture point at middle of map, South cannot even contest it. North has cover on all points of the map while we get infantry trenches that limit our movements, and a few rocks on top of hills. It is a suicidal mission coming from South.
Look left, they have cover from buidlings. Look at A in middle of map, they have train, buildings on all sides and behind the point. Look right and they have hills and race track. We have to come over the tracks at all points except mid which they have train covering them.
It lasted 8 minutes. North team had 15 deaths. South had 29.

Flanders is an okay map would be fixed very easily by removing all WW1 trenches above 5.0 BR

[Conquest] should just be removed entirely, it’s not a well designed game mode. At least with [Battle] you have legitimate attrition. Conquest is a mad dash might as well be TDM.

It is not a good design. North is such a breeze, a ballet even. You can wander in any direction from spawn, and all you have to dodge is a couple doodads. South is hell. You can only go north from bottom right spawn or you expose yourself on hills or get trapped in trenches. B is a maze to get to.

Spawned north on single point mid again this time, and we lost cap initially, capped, then they recapped. We almost lost, but I made a play on point which was easy to do because none of them could see me. I took the point despite missiles and artillery fire. They only had 2 tanks alive at the very end, and we still had like 8, and some still had a respawn.

Rolling hills with lots of pockets for short CQC, pushing one hill to the next. The only issue is the interruption of movement by trenches which restricts tanks to very specific routes. That’s why people cluster, it’s what ruins the map.

It’s fine for lower tiers but at high tier remove the trenches.

I’m literally reading this and typing this while we win on 3x of this map, spawning north again for second time.

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I just snipe anybody that comes up over the train track berm. You can cross under them through the two tunnels, but then you have nowhere to go.
Yeah low level seems fun, just a bunch of crazy tanks speeding everywhere in all directions.

4th time spawning into single point mid flanders. South again like first time. So far it’s 3-0 North.

I’ve won many times in South.
So… yeah, map is fine.


lol whole team died going mid, they are pushing south, can’t hit them because they are in the trenches.

This is single point mid map, not the 3 points.

The Conquest#2 version?


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Something might be up with that map. 4 out of 5 matches was Flanders on the same mode, same side xd.

We just lost 4th Flanders, 2nd time as south. We were able to cap point when 1/3rd of our tickets remaining solely because they got cocky and out of position. They went very far to the west, leaving no defense on point, so some light tanks snuck onto point to cap. Some of theirs pushed to our spawn on southwest. I had 10 kills, first place on my team had 7. Everybody on my team had 3 deaths except me, and 2 others. 2 abandoned the match. The 2 with 2 deaths had 0 kills.

Once North secures point, they can push south in the trenches and cover them from the sides as South has to get higher ground to shoot down into the trenches. They get to advance under cover. It’s truly an absurd design.

To be fair, it is one of the best maps they implemented lately, and i quite like it. But this just comes down to personal preference.

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I think they need to move C north a bit and B south into the trenches where the supplies are. Which sucks because I like the concept of C, capping on either side of the race tracks, but it’s just ridiculous with its position relative to the train track.

You mean like this?

Yeah, I don’t know how else to fix it without actual overhaul.
The way it is right now, I think they had some parts of the trenches south of B have some damage to them, like a shell took out a wall, so the tanks can drive through. It’s a design feature rather than a detriment. I mean without it, the tanks have to go through even more trench maze to get to B. So I think that’s in error. A blown wall should be a disadvantage to South, but they need it to get out of the maze, to get to B.

The most peculiar thing to me is they chose to have major track damage north of A despite that being on the North side of the map. It would have made more sense for it to be south of C, so South could spill out from behind the track building. Then you can pretend an air bomber blew part of the track to make way for tanks to pass, instead of bombing their own trench rampart to give them an exit.
Then again, the trench system south of the town look like defenses, but they are facing the town, so the map makes no sense overall.

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You could say they are defending the town behind the town because they didn’t want to wreck the flowers, and they hope the advancing troops use the roads.

I like the idea of having varying maps, so they seem organic, rather than perfectly mirrored and balanced, but there’s obviously a goal of balance. They already moved the B point a bit south, so you can’t cap it on the north side of the train station building. I bet it could be placed in the trench area where the supplies are, and it wouldn’t make any difference. I mean it might look unfair on the map
in terms of distances from spawn, but I think with how easy it is to secure C, it’s a decent balance change. North can still advance under cover of train and buildings. North has to secure B while either exposed outside of the trench while able to fire on South, or they can secure it under cover inside the trench. This at least gives South the option to not suicide on the far east near the lake, track, and tunnel.