Germany should also get the KF41 Lynx

No thank you. The current Leo 123 pandemic is already doing my head in, we don’t need more noobs in high tier vehicles.

Yea it would be 2s38 2.0

Nopeeeeeeeee. The Marder 2 is quite heavily armored for an IFV and weighs almost as much as a Leopard 2A4, not to mention the gun is a dual caliber system

I don’t know anything about the marder 2 what makes it diffferent?

Heavily armored IFV meant to keep up with the Leopard 2’s, dual caliber gun system (both a 35mm barrel and a 50mm barrel that could be changed in minutes), potential to mount PARS-3MR and LR missile pods, 2nd generation thermals, and the possibility of a target tracker and HE-VT/ETF rounds for the 50mm at 400 RPM (HE-VT/ETF fuze did exist, not sure on the target tracking)

No, was never in service with the military and the Spike PUMA would be better

Cv9040 on steroids

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Since when did “in service” ever matter for Gaijin, and the Puma is currently a dumpster fire so IDK what spike would do to help

Reunification and the end of the CW ended the project, they where very pricey, almost as much as a 2A6 in cost lmao

Yeah just like radkampfwagen it didnt Even have an engine

or a functioning turret

Leopard 2AV
Challenger 3TD
Challenger 2BN
Challenger 2E

None of those ever served with their respective (nation) militaries.

Wanna some more?


It doesn’t, but the PUMA with a spike would be objectively better than the Lynx because smaller profile


Puma has still got 30+ open bug reports, yes it is.

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You havent been around long have you?
330 pages of issues on the Puma IFV on the old forum when it came out, and exactly 2 things where fixed

The fact that it wasn’t in service alone isn’t enough to reject it, the fact that the PUMA would be better is enough reason.

I play the PUMA myself and I find it quite decent

Uh how about “its german and I want it in the german tree” is enough for it to be added

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Didnt shini had a list with all the reports of the missing stuff for the PUMA?