Germany should also get the KF41 Lynx

no KF41 Lynx was delivered to Greece yet


It matters because KF41 is a modular vehicle, for all we know greece is gonna get the unmanned turret version with 35mm, or the exact same as hungary

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that is the demonstration vehicle they showed in greece during the DEFEA, like i already mentioned, this is not automaticaly the version greece will get

besides that… i fear they will just make it a skin for the hungarian one

Unfortunately this is the reality, they arbitrarily make up rules and then force us to accept it even though it makes little to no logical sense.

Argentina is the de-facto sub-tree of Germany. With this reasoning, France shouldn’t have gotten the SK105. If gaijin wanted to die on this hill of “Germany didn’t use it but Hungary did so only Italy/Hungary will get it” they have to remove the SK105 and ItO-90M from the French tree for consistency.

(Disclaimer: I am not advocating for the removal or prevention of any vehicle from the french trees, I am simply using them as examples)

I’s not the same case, Italy themselves have multiple G91s and now even has the better ground attacker. AS-20 Nords have been nerfed to the ground to the point I use 500lb bombs more, but the G91YS (albeit higher BR that it has any right to be) is the best G91 for both air and ground (I reiterate, I am speaking purely about capabilities, BR is a separate issue).

This is like comparing the German leo 2s and the Swedish Strv 122s. Sweden has the better ones but Germany also has Leapard 2s as well. I haven’t seen Germans ask for the Strv122 in the German tree, only German equivalents (which Gaijin has so far refused Germany BTW).

According to the polls in both the new and old forum, barely anyone is against Italy receiving the G91R/3. I myself even support it. So given reasoning you gave above, does that mean you don’t support the G91/R3 in the Italian tree?

True, but it’s in pretty much the exact same configuration as the Hungarian one. It’s hardly a configuration bespoke to Hungary.

I don’t say I’m against R/3 for Italy and/or Lynx for Germany.

In that case, I would suggest not attempting to defend Gaijin’s silly reasoning behind denying the KF41 to the German tree. In the case I misunderstood your initial argument, I apologise.

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of course, i am just saying , you cant give this version to germany currently under the greece flag because it isnt an greek vehicle, this demonstrator is still german

For sure. It’s just an example of how Gaijin’s reason on why the KF41 can’t go to Germany is so ridiculous.

@FurinaBestArchon you can add this picture in the topic, this is the exact same model with camouflage germany could get since it is a german demonstrator in greece


Its monday now, so gaijin should be back in their offices.

@Smin1080p if you could be so kind as to submit our case to your higher ups that germany should get at least some version of the kf41, whether it be a tech demonstrator or the kf31 that would be excelent.

Im aware the engagement on this poll is lacking compared to others, and the outcry is not comparable to the french during the sk105 debacle or other controversies but we still have voices and are still responsible for paying gaijins wages.

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i wrote him a dm, but of course he decided to answer yesterday when nobody was in office yet -.-´


all my prays go to you for today and hope for an actualy answer of why mike stated germany isnt getting the KF41 lynx

Dont bother we’re being contained in an ignored thread, this topic is likely muted to mods and community manager pings

Hopefully at least the Russian mods listen in the Russian version of this thread. They’re basically saying the same thing we are here anyway.

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what are the russian mods saying? any info or something

nothing, no comment, it was weekend currently there is complete radio silence