Germany new Additions Meme ( Air )



And WHAT can you add to germany Right now?

Nothing → simple enough

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Quick list:

Alpha jet(something thats not ingame but would fit)
G91 R3 Late with better Aim 9
G.91YS ( switzerland)
at least 3 or 4 Phantom variants with an actual AA loadout ( or a decent cas loadout)
RF-4E for example, there are many modifications to choose from…
at least 2 more variants for the f104
Tornado Fighter variant (any thats already in the game)

Mig 23 BM
Mig 23MLGD
L-39ZO (something thats not ingame but would fit)

ground( i still count as air as its AA)
Mantis Boxer (something thats not ingame but would fit)
fill the gap with balistic aa/ozelot Roland

countless things that would serve apurpose in the tree and not som Wheraboo moderator that commited his own suggestion for another wheraboo craft…

or ANOTHER leopard 2… its turning into the MAGACH crisis now…


Where’s the Germany connection?

I can only find references to some USSR prototypes and MLD’s with jammers.

Well you said useful High tier aircraft in your “meme”

I don’t see anything useful there mate which could meet the requirement of the game and being really used by Germany or even minor nations.

MiG-23’s already are outclassed, as are Rf-4 and F-104’s, and G.91 also are outclassed.

Even my thought of an Austrian J-35OE seems more adequates to be added to germany, even there it is hard to do outside of premium.

and thats ( apart fromt he one swiss one ) all genuine german aircraft.

if you take Swiss and Austria and also Argentina into the account as ( they are all in the tech tree as well)

IAI Finger A ( literally a kfir canard)
texan II
I 58 pacura ( something that has been in the files for YEARS now)

austria ( wich is at least with tanks in germany but aircraft are at sweden as of now)
f5 would be at least thinkable…

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as you just pointed out i said higher tier, not toptier.

think again

to clarify: i am talking about this gap

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and also… wht use does this serve the “lineups” / gameplay at the tier?

in what world, does this add any real “flexibility” gameplay/ options to the game? its a low tier prop, at that rank they ALL play the same for each class, the doubledeckers even play the same across all nations…

i just dont see why you would do this and not an alphajet for Rank VI to fill gab between g91 and tornado…

Its a plane people have been asking for, for a while.

major modification was the HMD… its basically just a HMD for the MLD ( wich is already ingame)

you could implement it with something like the " upgradekits" on bmp and other tanks right now.
or you could use the new research stack system and sandwitch it below…

Yes, but where is the connection to Germany?

who ? who asked for this exept the wehraboos that spam 1-3 aifcraft suggestions for stuff like this a day here…?

im sure most of the active german players are not playing 9.0-10.0 becasue there is a lack of AA and Aircraft …

so in my eyes you can count ANYONE who is complaining about germany suffer at said br into " did not ask for this"

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almost all mig 23 MLDs ( and As) where upgraded to the package? ??!!

F-4F ICE is being worked on.
Will come out alongside the AMRAAM update I predict.

And Mig-29G only needs a cockpit change with R-73s added, foldered with the existing Mig-29A.

Put He 115 in the war thunder subreddit search bar, you’ll see people asking for it.

There’s two from 4 years ago.

They weren’t, at least one prototype was built by the MiG bureau, and then cancelled in favour of putting resources into the MiG-29.

‘37 Red’ ended up in museum in Moscow, but it ended up moving again.

Wasn’t even accepted for local service, let alone for export.

yes ICE has been a long thime thread now im exited… but as i was talking about the gap ( see previos post for clarification)

i didnt mention it as it would be " groundbreaking"

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waht logic is that? there is at least the same amount of post JUST about alpha jet…

let alone as mentioned previously the RANT because the BR range and BR sucks… for germany Air…

You asked “who asked for this”.

I pointed people out, that sort of logic.

And that’s just on one site.

my man… your argument was “people asked for it” i answered who as in, who and what group and also witht he other comment " wheraboos" impling that it is a minority… i looked at the post…
its all people like " heinrich849theSecond, bismarkthegreat…, friedrich923, …" ( you get the deal)
its A: a minority
B: also not valid against the other mentions i made as they are all just as asked for if not more.

so quanittatively: it doesnt make sense
gameplaywise: it doesnt make sense

now tell me where it would make sense if the core problem of germany right now is certainly not getting another rank 1…

guess what there is no sense