Germany new Additions Meme ( Air )

What group? War Thunder players, that group.

Don’t,… this boy is currently raging on It’s air army being weak after WWII as it was After WWII.

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Yeah, starting to see that.

as in, who and what group is not a question.

and also what group " warthunder players" its still a minority as i sayd,
maybe not on this forum… but definetly not ingame and on other forums such as discords…
maybe even unmoderated forums ( i dont know about you but if i see moderators approving each others “suggestions” about said vehicle i would call that A: Bias, B: “lobbying”
and also the removal of totally valid posts about other aeras (such as cold war and the gap im talking about) it just got deleted on old forums… ( i still think it is still being done now as the people that are moderating maybe changed 10-20% of staff?))
anyways back to my point:

the amount of wehraboos in the forum suggestions is even then still small. its just a small crowd of maybe 100-200 prople who spam post SDKFZs and messerschmits and upvoting each others stuff

exibit A:
millions of: SDKFZ…4.24. PKDLFLDG ( done by maybe 40 different posters … comments you will see the same moderators and the same people again and again and again…)
Exibit B:
millons of: MESSERSCHIDT F7438Bdfsfdsffsfsdfdfg SKFDSAD ( done by maybe 40 different posters … comments you will see the same moderators and the same people again and again and again…)

yes there is a lot of interaction there but its a minority. a very vocal one yes sureley…

none of the people play the game above 7.0 as its no longer WW2…
but their minority gets the dev ressources and " takes it away" from the spots where its needed now
( i mentioned in other post on old forums that wT should split the game into two at this point, so you could skip all the stuff there… got banned for the post from 2 wehraboo admins ( who prob realised that cold war and vehicles are the “cash cow” and if game is split there will no longer be 1 irrelavant ( to 99.9% of all playrs) noivelty SDKFZ every update) because the ww2 part doesnt make any money)

not that im saying i dont want to let them have it… no in an ideal world i would want both… every aircraft is in some way a good aircraft. but not every aircraft is needed in the same way.

i dont mind having novelty vehicles at all… yes alpha jet is going to be absolute shite at the meta with r 73 and r60 mk

but better have one than need one…

build me a viaable ground RB loadout at 9.0 or even 10.0
you cant … the fighers cant fight and there are no cas aircraft

i rest my case

um . . isn’t it much more of a 110 spin off than a 109?? . . … asking for a friend . . .


but i get it., you “regulars” on the forums dont even have anything to do with the real playerbase… its only you guys , the wheahraboos, the USSR BIAS people … the constant playing dumb with the answers… and whooops another leak because you pissed someone off again… ( no this is not a threat i will not leak anything) you drive people mad by just being pricks who do not ( want to) understand anything… ( not saying you guys are dumb)

yeah it kinda is… 109 was for the meme factor i guess :)

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I dont think Germany actually ever operated an ADV variant of the Tornado. I could be wrong though. But they did operate a lot more IDS variants than the British or Italians did though. So I fully expect to see more IDS variants for Germany compared to the 1 more for Britain and maybe no more for Italy

as far as im concerned they are putting IRIS-T s on them…
and 120s and sparrow deriviatives…
yes it would not be called an ADV thats correct.

i dont see why we dont see aim 9M on tornado too… as it underperforming… and genuinely the same move as the USSR with the r72 on the su 25… but again germany is not gaijins fav child
iris T on tornado IDS

Though I think the main difference between the IDS and ADV variants is the on-board radar. Im not sure what kind of radar the later German Tornados had and if they could handle any form of BVR.

Tornado Gr4 is probably coming with ASRAAM so I gess the equivlanet German IDS will come with IRIS-T.

Tornado F3 is a tricky one. Its “fine” at 11.3 but is meant to be our 11.7+ maybe even our 12 (and is fairly useless in an uptier) Giving it Aim-9Ms would whack its BR are up and Aim-9M alone would not be enough for that. What a few want is a second Tonrado F3, a CSP variant. Which would have Aim9M and AMRAAM at a different BR. But even with both, I dont see the Tornado F3 ever being “good” in teh current meta. Its too late to be relevant, should have come around the same time as the Mig-23MLD end of 2021 not half way through 2023.

As for other Tornado IDS vairants. I dont think any could actually or did actually run Aim-9M. I know the Gr1 definetly didnt. But I think their biggest issue is in other areas. Lack of chaff count, lack of ECM, missing loadout options, no ground radar, etc. But I do think they could benefit from Aim-9L/i.

But keeping it on thread, yeah, a lot of options for German IDS variants. They used quite a few different ones I think.

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i dont think the game is ready for IRIS-T at all… thats a 60G 20+ KM Range at mach 4 ( as confirmed with recent events in an eastern european country) ( yes its the ground launched version but i had a chat with the manufacturer at an event and they suggested the range is the same on airlaunched as it gets the start speed from the craft itself ( if not more than the booster))

and dont forget the 3 type guidance, IR, Eloctro optical and INS
most modern ECCM in any missile today…

that thing would be an unnotchable phoenix with manouverability and accelleration better than the python… nahh

not in 2023, and not even in 2024

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I actually think 2024 will be set up for these kinds of missiles. (like how this year has been set up for Fox 3)I think Torando Gr4 with ASRAAM end of 2024 (like Oct/Dec update) is actually reasonable. Torando Gr4 will probably come before or around the same time as the Typhoon and whilst both could use Aim-9L. They couldnt both survive on Aim-9L forever. Tornado Gr4 is going to have to be fairly high because of 12x Brimstone. So a decent AAM is going to be needed to compliment it. (the same is probably all true for the later German Torando IDS Variants)

Torando IDS are an ideal early test platform for these missiles. with only a max of 2 (I think its only 2 for the german IDS) and relatively poor flgiht performance, especially compared to the Gen4+ that we’ll likely have at the same time. Also MAWS is around the corner too.

i think we will see a tornado with ALARM or HARM before we see an IRIS-T even in the gamefiles XD

Those, would be awesome addition for many aircraft, especially the Tornados

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im waiting for the legacy hornet… that will hopefully come next yr… im honestly more hyped for it than for f15C… the f15 will open the “wrong” doors. ( strike eagle is fine)

Hornet would open doors for multirole and so much fun.,… maybe even new gamemodes…
( griphen too)

i would imagine we see one if not both by the end of next yr… ( hornet and or f15 if not even strike eagle, su 34 and 24… prob a flanker if we see a f15… idk that might be too much.)

what i dont hope to see is 2 more updates with block 40, then 50, than 54
same with mig 29… ( but there is no more stuff exept the 39 and that could even come to britain with india)…

SUOFA F16… i would also loose liquid in my pants if lavi was added even as event vehicle


I really hope Britain is not straddled with Indias Hand-me-downs.

I reckon Sea Harrier FA2 next update, Gr9 not that long afterwards, maybe earlier next year.

After that, Im hoping for maybe an early/prototype Typhoon. Going to have to happen eventually and nothing else would actually put Britain even slightly back into equal footing. Typhoon could then also come to the German and Italian Trees at the same time. I reckon F-15 + Typhoon + Su-30 would be a good update

Rafale, would be the same time as eurofigher though… and i think it would have the americans crying so loud that it would be a short lived “top tier experience” because a raptor will come shortly after as a superhornet or f15 EX is not enough for #TEAMUSA
i think we will see something simmilar what we saw with the tornado, mig and f14…
( outclassed at launch)

but genuinely interesting to think about… how would you balance a raptor … or even f35… there is nothing on the same page with russia ( ohh my god im going to piss people off with that statement)
china maybe with the J20…

there is no 5th gen aircraft in operation but with theese two countries…

maybe we will see gen 4+ only…

balance could only work with bigger maps and maybe awacs… such as in DCS…

Im expecting a line.

No 5th gen/Stealth aircraft (except maybe F-117 for testing) and I could see a line drawn in how far into 4.5 gen we get. Im seriosuly doubting we’ll ever see Meteor Missiles for example.

Whilst the US and USSR mains would complain massively (and im sure they’ll get thrown a bone) they cant ignore every other nation forever. I think flight performance of F-15s is close enough to the Typhoon that when we have AMRAAM firing F-15 we’ll have to have AMRAAM firing Typhoons as well.

If you look at the current aircraft tree, most of the wartime stuff seems to be stuck in circa pre-1943 or even earlier. Hence, we need newer late war aircraft that are inexplicably missing since the game’s release such as the:
(cursory list, I am sure someone can add a lot more to this)

Arado Ar 196 A-5
Arado Ar 440 A
Blohm & Voss BV 155 C
Dornier Do 24 T-2
Dornier Do 215 B
Dornier Do 217 K-2, K-3, M-11, R-1
Dornier Do 317 B
Focke-Achgelis Fa 223
Focke Wulf Fw 189 A-2, A-4
Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-9
Focke Wulf Fw 190 F-9, F-10
Focke Wulf Fw 190 G
Focke Wulf Fw 191 B
Focke Wulf Fw 200 C-4, C-6, C-8
Heinkel He 111 H-20, H-21, H-22, H-23
Heinkel He 119
Heinkel He 162 A-3, A-8
Heinkel He 177 A-6, A-7
Heinkel He 274 A
Heinkel He 277 B-5, B-6
Heinkel He 219 A-6
Henschel Hs 130 E
Henschel Hs 132 B
Junkers Ju 86 P-1, R-2
Junkers Ju 87 D-4/Torp
Junkers Ju 87 D-7, D-8
Junkers Ju 88 A-4/Torp, A-17
Junkers Ju 88 A-13, A-14
Junkers Ju 88 G-6, G-7
Junkers Ju 88 H-2
Junkers Ju 88 P-1, P-3, P-4
Junkers Ju 88 R-1
Junkers Ju 88 S-1, S-2, S-3
Junkers Ju 188 S
Junkers Ju 287 A
Junkers Ju 290 A-7, A-8, B-1
Junkers Ju 388 K
Junkers Ju 388 M/Torp
Junkers Ju 390 A
Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-4/N (really all the DB 601 N equipped 109 & Bf 110 that are missing from the game)
Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-14
Messerschmitt Me 263 A

If someone can’t understand this concept, then go and ask why Gaijin gave the Spitfire/P-47/P-51/B-17/Il-2/A-26/B-25/F4U/Pe-2/Yak-3/T-34/Sherman, etc so many “spinoffs” in this game and why the Germans do not receive the same treatment especially for well known/mass produced vehicles such as the Ju 88 & Stug III G…

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