Germany 4.3

So i recently got the hetzer and i have to say that i’m loving it along with the stug 3g. I just want some more recomendations for a 4.3 lineup. I’m thinking of the flak-bus and the Jagdpanzer 4?

The Panzer IVs especially the H are still great at 4.3, and the jagdpanzer IV is broken
Other than those, I’d recommend one of the glass cannons, maybe the Puma, and a BF 110 for CAS

The Sturer Emil is better than the flak bus by a good amount. Better gun, better protection, better mobility. The flak bus is incredibly slow, and while the Sturer Emil isn’t winning any races, it isn’t actually terrible to drive. The Emil also has an incredible 15 degrees of gun depression. The only advantage the flak bus has is full turret rotation but your crew is completely exposed to the rear.

You might find your answer here Best 4.3 tank lineup
What works for someone else might not work for you

You say that, but the Flak Bus has AA capabilities.

Elevation advantage and a timed fuse shell makes the Flak Bus versatile.

Not to mentioned that not being a casemate means the gun has more traverse angles.

Unless they changed how the fuse shell works, it is not aa capable. Last i tried them, you have to range find to set the fuse and plane dont tend to stay the same distance from you.

And reload.

My german 4.3 line up is just tds. Pretty fun.

The main advantage of the flak bus is its insane rate of fire. But I agree, while it’s fun it’s simply not very good and the Sturer is far better overall.

The Dicker/Sturer are actually some of the most underrated TDs in the game. I have the best KD/r of all my vehicles in the Dicker. The hull-down potential, pen and accuracy are amazing. On maps like Finland you can be hull down and shoot through the snow without the enemy even being able to see you, it’s broken.

The flak bus on the other hand, is very niche. It has terrible gun depression and zoom, and it’s way too big, and unless you have a perfect ridgeline to shoot over you are going to expose your ammo and potentially be OHK’d. The Soviet Yag-10 for example is far better in this regard. But in specific scenarios where you can get in a good position you can absolutely shred the enemy team in short order with its insane rate of fire. I just wish Gaijin actually fixed its proxy shells.

the jagdpanzer IV is broken


This tank goes through enemies like a hot knife through butter. Fast reload, armor that deserves the name and it’s mobile.

Hmm. I’ll have to double check it and get back to you.

Yeah that’s what I meant, broken as in insanely good and definitely deserving of at least 4.7, it’s a hell of a lot better than the hetzer

My personal German 4.3 lineup (this is mostly a supporting config, but I’ve had amazing success with it).

Sturer Emil, Jag IV, Hetzer, Wirbelwind, Ostwind and either a Ju-87 D (with the 30mm) or a Do-335.

None of these are premium and you’ll be ready for everything (except capturing points,admittedly).

Thx for the advise. Sry if I got it wrong.

Jagdpanzer IV is very good, i like it more than the Hetzer, even if both are very close.

The Flak is very situational, due to the vehicles model you have to stand sideways all the time and you have to either on even ground or slightly downwards towards the direction you want to fire at. Its also very slow. Emil is much better, its very slow but the protection is better and it packs a serious punch against everything.

I also use the 3.7 Panzer IVs and the Stug, but rather rarely as they are only Rank II and dont count towards tasks.