Best 4.3 tank lineup

Im thinking of playing a good 4.3 tank lineup. Non premium.

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What nation?

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any except for japan

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also is the kv1 zis 5 good at 4.7

Germany has a decent 4.3 line up. Mostly tds but they can be fun.

It is not too bad. Maybe dont use it in full uptiers and it will be fine.

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I have to agree, Germany has the best tanks between 3.0 and 4.0

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Sweden is good at 3.7 and 4.0, britian is good 4.0 to 5.3

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Gotta love how the KV-1E is a literally a better armored version of it but two BR steps down, somehow “balanced” by the fact that it has a slightly worse shell. Even though the pen on the KV-1E isn’t bad to begin with and has a lot of explosive filler.

Oh and it weighs a couple tons more (this is almost unnoticeable in practice)

I am sure they did that because “zis-5 gets 125mm pen apcr”

Could you explain this a little further? Iam currently in that area and i struggle a bit getting a more diverse setup that works.

I noticed that the 2 Jagdpanzer at 4.3 are amazing and use them as my go to all the time, the other 2 i find to situational. AA is clear, but the rest iam missing out completely. Currently i have the 2 P4s and the 4.0 Stug 3, but all 3 seem to suffer and are also only Rank 2 so not useable for most of the Tasks. So are there any suggestions i might be missing due to lack of knowledge? To me it looks like the tree has some serious holes in rank 3.

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My preferred line-up for Ger 4.3: Hetzer, Jagdpanzer 4, Pz4 Bfw (prem, so you could sub the Pz 4 H or J, although T2), Wirbel and Do 335 (sometimes use the Bf110s).

You also have the Emil and the 88 flak bus should you enjoy those - I don’t particularly.

For Swe: Pvkv 2, T-34, Pz 4, pvkv 1946 and J26. All these are T3.

Note: I don’t claim these are the ‘best ever’, merely that I enjoy those line-ups :)

The German line up is positive K/D for me, which is a bit of surprise, seeing how bad I am at this game.


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I thought about that Pz4 Bfw as it would at least make it useable for Tasks.

The Emil i find okayish, its way to slow and i only used it successfully in longer range engagements, but it has nice gun angles and at least a little bit of armor.
The Flak i find mostly useless, the downwards angle is a nightmare and i rarely ever get it out.

Have you tried a Brumbär?

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Most of the good stuff in Germany at 4.3 is premium. Panzer IVSP and Hetzer at 4.3 is great though. Do 335 and 110 ,maybe the 410 ,any CAS with Big bombs

88 Flak is good of you can find any cover these days

Russia is good as well and you have the Pe 8 at 4.3

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Thats what realy annoys me with the game, not only is it premium, but half of it are captured vehicles, so they are not even german vehicles to begin with.


My German line up and probably the one I use most in the game is T34 747,Brummbar/Flak88 , Jagdpanzer IV(must have).Hetzer38t, PanzerIV.70A

DO335 or ME110 ,although I do well with the HE111 big bomb

Russia is , KV1 -E, KV 1S, SU85, ASU57.T34 STZ and a must have PE8 (just funny) I have the P47 Premium too which is excellent.

This is where having cash does come in no doubt about it, premiums fill gaps and many are good vehicles. Nothing like the t34 747 at 4.3 Germany

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Whats your take on the Brumbär and the IV/70?


Brummbar I find limited .I was never going to pay full price for it and I got it at 50% OFF. I love German armour WW2 for some reason and am a bit of a collector.

Its good in the close urban maps like Berlin and Cologne where you can get in close. It can take more than one enemy out at a time if you are lucky due to power of explosion .

I bought it last Christmas I think and I’m just using last two weeks. Fun mostly but maybe not a big stat booster. Good for taking out spawn campers as you are being over run end game, great front armour.

IV/70 I find useful but I think the standard Jagdpanzer is better front on and lower. ,Again maybe get at 50% off. They do make for a good and full line up so long as Gaijin dont mess with BR.

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Just noticed that the IV/70 A is not available anyways.

Currently iam realy only playing with the Jagdpanzer IV and Hetzer and sometimes a bit Ostwind. All my fillers i only use if the Match overall goes well enough.

It would be realy nice if they could get the tech tree in order. Rank III realy has more holes than swiss cheese. Even the 5.0 range looks odd. Only at 6.0 it seems to be more stable in terms of coverage.

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Jagdpanzer IV is the one .I would take that and backups over everything else.

Stay facing toward the enemy as much as possible and realise that you can take an amount of hull down with it as well. Sit and wait a while, use binoculus.
You can build the 4.3 around it as long as Gaijin dont screw its BR up.

Hetzer is fine too used the same way. The Panzer IV tank at 3.7 is still good for 4.3/5.3 in the uptier.

It is BR shift that destroys line ups not having the vehicles’ I do forget sometimes that my line ups include premiums.

People say bushes are OP and crew level boost but its premium gap filler that are the P2W if there is one.

But at 4.3 Germany its all about the Jagdpanzer IV. Sounds like you have found the best line up already .

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Yeah looks like it. Jagdpanzer IV is my most played one, i use the Hetzer as backup in case it gets destroyed as both are somewhat similar in gameplay. The Panzer IV i rarely use, they still have a punch but i also noticed that they can be taken out fairly easy. Also i got used to the lower profile of the Jagdpanzer fairly quickly.

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