German Fighter Tornado

When is germany going to get a fighter tornado? Isn’t the tornado german (I don’t know much about planes)

I don’t want to play a mig 29, it would be nice to see a fighter tornado even know tornado’s kind of suck. It is a shame germany only gets 2 tornado’s and 1 is a complete joke (Tornado IDS). Also germany has very few german made jets (mostly just copy and paste from america and russia) when will they add more german jets?

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Probably wont see a “fighter tornado”. Germany I am pretty sure only used 2 variants of tornados (IDS & ECR which are in currently).
There are some jets that would be nice to see like the alpha jet but if you are speaking top tier then there isnt really anything. The next thing would be typhoons which will not come for a while.
They are basically copy and pasted from US and Russia with the current jets at top tier as thats what was used, germany after WW2 and for ages past that were just using other nations jets, Mig-29 and F-4F’s (East Germany and West Germany respectively).
Its a shame Germany hasnt used more different aircraft around the current things we are at in air top tier but it is what it is. I doubt we will be seeing anything new above the Mig-29 or around it for a while as yeah the next thing would really be a typhoon which we are not going to see for a hot minute

Thank you (I knew why they were copy and pasted I just used it as an example because german has very few german designed jets and I thought that they could expand more on the tornado)

Yeah I wish there was more ways they would expand on it but its either they add vehicles they didnt use or they add a sub tree which would be dope.
Honestly like a Belgium subtree for germany air would be kind of nice, we could see the F-16A then and the Mirage 5.
But I doubt it :(

I just wish they added something that I feel motivated to grind not just a copy and paste mig 29

Well…the F-4F we have in the game now should be able to carry AIM-9Ls, which would make it more worthwhile and there is also the F-4F ICE, which they could already have added a while ago, which carried AIM-120 and the IRIS-T.