German CAS

Is there any CAS for germany in this BR because the options germany has rn are kinda pale in comparison to the su 25, a10 and the amx. What could germany get? If there is no Aircraft, which of the current aircrafts in the german tt could be lowered or increased in br in order to fill that gap and how?

Germany could get the Alpha jet

what could it carry and which br?

Agm 65, rocket pods, dumb bombs. There are some variants of Alpha jet that carried gbu but I’m not sure if Germany had those.

10.0 I guess

We can also get the Tornado ECR

what br?

Depends which BR this is.

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10.0 10.3 similar to su 25 a10 and amx is what i meant.

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idk but it should be higher than tornado ids

Alpha jet is somewhat equivalent. Argentinian A4s could be a good option.

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The hunter squad plane is not bad.

Yeah, isn’t it similar to the proposed J38 by Saab for Sweden?

At around 10.3 nothing maybe the swiss hunter but with only 2 guided bombs and no targeting pod it’s a stretch. Mig23bn is sadly not that good anymore since gaijin nerfed all migs with no single fire of s24s. The bn lacks flares aswell which is at 10.3 important against manpads.

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why does germany even have the swiss hunter?

Yeah because of Aermacchi

eh not realy, the ecr would be worse then assta 1 since it lacks the cannons, all features of electrical warfare the ecr has in real life would be irrelevant in war thunder

Probably because swiss is close to germany. Also gives germany a decent cas option for the br.

why not the a4 of argentina if argentina is already in the tt via tam

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That’s my point of bringing the tornado ECR. Since it’s worse than the tornado assta it would get slightly lower BR. Which would allow Germany to get 10.X cas jet.

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