German CAS

No you dont, you can spend a few hundred on GE and just buy your way through the tech tree. But i would ate least grind through the first three levels as they can be done fairly quickly, then you can just use your GE to buy up to the BR you want.

That’s an option and even though I can afford it, some people can’t, nor should they have to spend several hundred dollars to get a decent tech tree cas plane.

I’ve ground 2 full air trees and i don’t enjoy it but I do enjoy occasional cas play.

Well thats why there is the grind which is free or the pay to get which is 0 grind. its a trade off on what people want to do.

You realy are always defaulting to cry baby noises, dont you have sth original

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Can you stop trolling

My K/D and K/B stats are comparable to what I’ve achieved in other nations’ tanks. Your stats on average are significantly worse than mine on the other hand.

lol he only had a couple hundred games in Abrams and was tryna argue with som1 else who actually knew what they were talking about. Either way, all the points he made were pretty bad.

You know what you’re talking about when your amount of games in the Abrams is less than me? xD

God, what a cry baby.

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I would like to advise anyone reading this to not even think about wasting any money on the F-4F early. I grinded it in the 2021 April Fool’s event, its a complete hunk of junk in Air or Ground RB.

Isnt it 10.0 in ground? It has the good ground dumb ground options with 2k/3k lb bombs and zunis. 4 aim 9js and vulcan for CAP duties.

It blows the options Germany has at 10.0 out of the water. Only gets beaten by the TT phantom at 10.3 and only slightly.

Ya it sucks germany doesnt get anything like 6 mavs at 10.3, but it is what it is.

Gets no ballistic computers thats the big problem so you need skill for bombs and rockets either way the f4f late is 10.3 in grb kow and works perfectly in the leo line up

Didn’t know it doesn’t have CCIP ya thats awful. Tornado is 10.3 and you can buy it, still don’t know why OP can’t just use that. It’s certainly competitive even against TT vehicles around that BR.

Depends. Other 10.3 like the F-4F fire self homing Mavericks from many km away and might mount a decent bomb / rocket load on top. Jaguars have guided bombs, AS30L, target pods for spotting. All 10.3 stuff. A-10 etc etc etc.

Now you come along with the Tornado, which got nothing but 1000lb bombs. BRed at 10.3 as well. No bigger 2000lb or 3000lb bombs, not rockets, no ground missiles. Just 1000lb free fall bombs… See the imbalance. Also …its a brick its sometimes hard to line up for a bomb kill…and we don’t even talk aber Strelas, proxy HE guns, SAMs… How are you gonna strike with stuff like Tunguska etc around? The meta at this BR are either Mavericks or GBUs (or AS30L). Simple P-47 like 1000lb bombs are a bit behind that^^

didn’t know that they removed the targeting computer. But you are right that it’s trash if it has no targeting computer anymore

No, out of all the ppl arguing with him, I’m the only one I found with less games at U.S Toptier.

Lol hypocrite.


not saying i am a saint, but i didnt use the same ridiculing things twice
i showed creativity in the ways i clown on you, you just cry like a baby. So in fact i am not a hypocrite i never said i am moraly better. I am just saying that you are realy boring and cant prove any of your arguments besides complaining and when pointed out act like a baby

“I SHoWED CREaTiviTY” bro literally no1 cares. no matter how creative your crying is, it doesn’t change that your arguments are just trash.

at least i have arguments compared to yours lol

Dawg you tried to compare Italy to Germany because they share one tank XD.

tell me where i said sth wrong, italy has a good line up, for cas italy is better in ground italy lacks only an spaa now

Germany only has the 2a7v realy as real competitive mbt tank. The 2a6 doesnt compare to either strv122s or 2a7s.

If you are still sleeping on italy like it was half a year ago that is completly on you. Italy got more and more power in the recent year and has a fantastic future

And i am not saying the 2a6 is worse then abrams, merkavas etc. But 1 realy strong tank the 2a7v is no reason to deny germany a competent cas

It doesn’t matter how much better you think the Strv 122 is better than the 2A7. At the end of the day they all have near untouchable turrets with their barrel (which is known for shrugging off direct hits from HEATFS) being the turret weakspot. The only real gameplay effecting change is Sweden gets APFSDS stock (as far as I’m concerned) while Germany can unlock a better dart.