German CAS

Why does Germany have no good top tier premium/squadron/event CAS planes? with USSR already having control of the skys in top tier battles with the best spaa and accessible CAS I now have to grind through an entire air tech tree (im not an arb main) to get a good plane.

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If you have money the F4F early, tornado mfg or wtd61 are good at 10.0 or 10.3 for the tornados.

Gaijin could add good premium cas planes for germany if the wanted to but for some reason they dont. Could easily add a c&p alpha jet or su-22

Germany already gets the most OP top tier tanks of any nation, wtf do they need CAS for?

close air support for people who like air support?


they don’t need it.

The “air superiority” Russia has on top tier is only exclusive to Su-27, MiG-29SMT and maybe with support from fighters Su-25SM3 so it’s obvious some kind of powerful planes specially at the EOL which most tech tree in-game features. Or would you rather grinding a tech tree just to get garbage like Su-27SM?

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Nations who have strong ground lineups don’t deserve CAS? Incredible display of logic we got going on here.


Obviously all of them but with German top tier you don’t need much. They’re good vehicles: well protected and good weaponry.

exactaly. They don’t need support. They fair perfectly fine with their tanks.

everyone needs close air support, if they want to fill their lineup with cas let them fill it with cas its not wrong everyone should be able to enjoy their favorite tanks and acompany it with cas if they feel the need to do it


I don’t know, maybe if you could separate your subjectivity and personal biases for a moment, you would realize that Russia, Sweden and USA shouldn’t deserve anything either, so your logic is flawed.


Lets remove Ka-52, Mi-28NM & SM3 in that case.

edit: this guy mains US and abuses the A-4E btw


and the JAS39C from Sweden too then

SU 39 and SU 25K as well while we are at it

We don’t even get the best leopard lineup, the hell are you talking about?


Sweden shares Germany’s OP tanks so yes.

Yes, the A-4E, the most overpowered 11.3 in Warthunder.

the issue is the fact that you are saying that by having a strong lineup it means they dont deserve cas by that means i could say russia USA or sweden dont deserve cas either using the exact same logic

Clearly it has to be seeing your ratio of ground-to-air kills exceeds 3.0

So, why are you here? To me it feels like a low-tier bait.

It’s not just a “strong lineup” It the strongest lineup that top tier has to offer. They seriously don’t need powerful CAS.