German Aviation Perspective (List of aircraft)



@_Fleks MiG-23S

Note the different engine and longer pointed nose.

Added to the list, thanks

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F-7M Airguard (tested by the FAA during the 80’s trying to avoid the British blockade, looking for replacements for war casualties)



Was going through old East German aircraft procurement documents and found this.



Can’t be confused the Mig-29 because it’s says they were ordered in 1987 while the MiGs were ordered in 1988 and the source only mentions the MiG-29 once in 1989.

Would also make some sense as this is around the time east Germany started to trial/plan for introduction of more modern Soviet stuff like the Tor-M1, 2S6, and T-72B.

Also love the DCS East German Flanker skin


ehhh i think we would have known about any german SU 27s, they propably never arrived or sth happend afterwards that the order changed?

Probably never received them as the export model of he Su-27 wasn’t ready till 1990 or 1991.

Nice find, if you find anything else don’t hesitate to send it here

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I think that these orders were planned, since serial production of the Su-27 in the USSR officially began in 1985, and orders are placed much earlier than export production. Considering also the fact that the information is in the USA storage

question is would that be enough to justify the addition since they officaly got ordered?xD

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Of course, it’s up to the gaijins to decide, I’m just collecting what’s interesting in Germany)

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with that in mind a gdr tor anti air would be possilbe aswell.


Yaup, it even stood for viewing in Germany for some time


As wells as the 2S6

Let’s see what gaijin has planned for the future. Getting the unified mig29 in the tech tree makes the chances low but it could still be possible

can you make a real suggestion for that one?, that definitly would be an upgrade over the flarakrad and there is nothing else left, besides that i love the looks of it and it is partialy the reason i wanna research china next xD

Apparently not mentioned here yet either List of East-German ground-vehicles (possible additions)

I don’t do “suggestions” anymore. Because the company threw all the work of the community and people in particular into the trash

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