German Aviation Perspective (List of aircraft)


Considering that the German Air Force is in a deplorable state, and the equipment to add it is getting smaller and smaller, I propose to create a list of weapons that can appear in the German development branch for ranks VII, VIII, and so on.

It is important that the list will be from German aircraft and helicopters, as well as projects in which Germany participated or equipment that makes sense of existence for other countries (For example, Argentina)



Strike Aircraft:

  1. Tornado IDS ASSTA 1 [Implemented]
  2. Tornado IDS ASSTA 2
  3. Tornado IDS ASSTA 3.0
  4. Tornado IDS ASSTA 3.1
  5. Tornado IDS SLE [Life extension program]
  6. Alpha Jet A [Implemented]
  7. Alpha Jet A 80 [Modernization in the 80s]
  8. Alpha Jet A/TST [Experimental version with supercritical wing]
  9. Alpha Jet A/WTD61 [Test aircraft with new weapons and aviation systems]
  10. Aerospatiale/MBB E-650 [Private project, opponent of Alpha Jet]
  11. Dornier/Dassault TA-501 [Alpha Jet prototype]
  12. MiG-23BN [Implemented]
  13. Su-20
  14. Su-22UM3K [Implemented]
  15. Su-22M4 [Implemented]
  16. Su-22M4K
  17. EADS Mako
  18. IFTS M-346FA [Training for pilots serving in the armed forces to improve their skills]

Multirole Aircraft:

  1. MiG-23MF [Implemented]
  2. MiG-23MLA [Implemented]
  3. MiG-23S
  4. [Su-27SK] [Photos no] [Mention of order planning for the DDR Air Force found in the Defense Technical Information Center]
  5. MiG-29A (9-12A) [Implemented]
  6. MiG-29G [Implemented]
  7. MiG-29GT
  8. MiG-29SE [Was shown at the ILA-1997 aviation exhibition as a modernization of German MiG-29A]
  9. F-35A [Tested and Ordered at ILA-2022]
  10. F-15B [Evaluated in 1982 by WTD 61]
  11. F-15GA [Tested at the ILA-2018 exhibition, to replace the Tornado strike aircraft]
  12. F-20A [Evaluated in 1983 by WTD 61]
  13. F/A-18B [Evaluated in 1982 by WTD 61]
  14. F/A-18E Super Hornet [Tested at the ILA-2018 exhibition, to replace the Tornado strike aircraft]
  15. EA-18G Growler Block II [Tested at the ILA-2018 exhibition, to replace the Tornado strike aircraft]
  16. F/A-18F Super Hornet Block III [Tested at the ILA-2022 exhibition]
  17. F-16B Block X [Photos no] [Evaluated in 1982 by WTD 61]
  18. F-16C Block XXX [Strengthening air defense and patrols, was part of Germany’s rapid reaction force]
  19. CL-1200 Lancer [Considered as a replacement for the F-104G] [Rated, but not tested]
  20. Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 1 Block V
  21. Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 2 Block XX
  22. Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 4 Block XL
  23. Eurofighter Typhoon EK [Electronic warfare aircraft due by 2030]
  24. Aeritalia/BAe/MBB Agile Combat Aircraft [A distant relative of Typhoon]
  25. MBB/Alitalia/BAe Experimental Aircraft Program [Typhoon’s closest relative]
  26. McDonnell-Douglas F-4F ICE Phantom II Phase 2
  27. McDonnell-Douglas F-4F ICE Phantom II Phase 3
  28. McDonnell-Douglas F-4F ICE-LV Phantom II [Modification option Ice for air defense]
  29. McDonnell-Douglas F-4F ICE-LA Phantom II [Ice modification option for the assault version]
  30. McDonnell-Douglas F-4G Phantom II Wild Weasel [Special modification for suppressing air defense]
  31. McDonnell-Douglas F-4E-63-MC Phantom II [Special modification for pilot training]


  1. Mi-24E
  2. Mi-24D HIND
  3. Mi-24P HIND [Implemented]
  4. EC-665 Tiger PT5R
  5. EC-665 Tiger UHT
  6. EC-665 Tiger UHT ASGARD-F [Implemented]



Strike Aircraft:

  1. LMAASA IA-63 Pampa II
  2. LMAASA IA-63 Pampa III
  3. Aermacchi MB-339A
  4. Lockheed Martin A-4AR Fightinghawk
  5. Lockheed Martin A-4M “Gaucho-01”
  6. Dassault-Breguet Super Étendard
  7. Dassault-Breguet Super Étendard (SEM)

Multirole Aircraft:

  1. Dassault Мirage IIIEA MOD
  2. Dagger A
  3. Dagger A Finger
  4. Saab 35XA [Photos no] [Assessed in 1968]
  5. F-7M Airguard [Testing to replace obsolete equipment after the Malvinas War]
  6. CAC/PAC JF-17C Block III [Considered by Argentina 2020/21]
  7. F-16AM Block XV [Purchased in 2024]



Strike Aircraft:

  1. BAE Systems Hawk T.66

Multirole Aircraft:

  1. Hawker Hunter F.58A [Implemented]
  2. ALR Piranha [Own design of the aircraft, the cockpit was created and various analyzes were carried out, the prototype was canceled at the last moment]
  3. Saab 35H [Evaluated and tested in 1960]
  4. Northrop F-5E
  5. F/A-18C Hornet
  6. F-35A
  7. Saab JAS 39E Gripen [Rented/Reviewed and tested in 2019/20]



Multirole Aircraft:

  1. Aerostar/DASA MiG-29 Sniper [Participation in the modernization of the new modification]



Multirole Aircraft:

  1. Helwan HA-300 [Participation in the creation of a combat aircraft]



Multirole Aircraft:

  1. HAL HF-24 Marut [Participation in the creation of a combat aircraft]



Strike Aircraft:

  1. Aermacchi М-346В Master

Multirole Aircraft:

  1. F-4E Peace Icarus 2000 [Took part in the modernization]
  2. RF-4E Phantom II [Took part in the modernization]
  3. General Dynamics F-16C Block 30
  4. General Dynamics F-16C Block 50
  5. General Dynamics F-16C Block 52+
  6. General Dynamics F-16C Block 52+ Advanced
  7. General Dynamics F-16V Viper Block 70
  8. F-35A

Will be completed a little later


We need this.


well there is a bit more f15 and f/a 18 versions then i was aware of, many salty people will not want them, could you add the reasoning where they got tested /evaluated ?

A little later I will add and correct everything, as I see some links do not work for some reason

With a lot of luck we could get a Polish F16C this update, i hightly doubt it. That would be to nice of gajin, but one can never stop hopping

damn i remembered Germany gets Argentinian vehicles so the jeff is also up for grabs!

Small correction: Its Lockheed Martin A-4AR Fightinghawk. Not Skyhawk.


Fixed, thanks

Germany definitely needs a little love on its air TT.

Note: The US government approved the sale of F-16A/B MLU B.15 and some B.10 to Argentine

I wanted to correct something, Argentina never operated Etendard. Only SUE and SEM.

Also thinking about rank VI, you could add some variants of A-4 (P, Q and C) and the IA.e 33 Pulqui II, very necessary between 8.3 and 9.3. Maybe some Canberra.
Also in rank VII Mirage IIIEA, IIICJ or Mirage V Mara.

Pampa 2000


@_Fleks I know that fighter aircraft from Hellenic it’s very good but not sure greece maybe sub tree for germany ?

Alpha Jet A 80’s better Alpha Jet A basic ?

Added, called F-16AM

Need some information on this then and are there any pictures so I can attach them to the listing?

While here is a list of the highest ranks (VII, VIII), the planes you named are lower than those named above. In the future, I’ll somehow make a list of mid-rank jets, but then

I did not include French planes, since they are not needed on the German tree. At the same time, players who play on French equipment will whine if I add

Considering that almost all of Greece’s weapons are German, and the latter is also modernizing Greece’s equipment, then yes

Which was modernized in the 80s, much better than the basic one, if only because of the flares

There are no images, because we never had Étendard.

I know, they are for rank VI. As a German principal I will tell you that we also need planes there. Pulqui II, for example, is designed by Germans in Argentina.
Although your search is oriented to the top level, that sub TT should solve the intermediate ranks as well (since the post-war).

I understand, perhaps Mirage IIIEA (Argentina exclusive variant, modified in the country) could be a squad vehicle.

As I said, I will consider creating a list for the middle rank a little later if it is not done sooner

Yes, in principle it is reasonable. I’ll look at the information about him in more detail, and if anything happens, he’ll appear on the list

I understand, actually my confusion comes from seeing the Pampa on the list. Pampa and Alpha Jet should not be on those lists. They are rank VI vehicles.


IRIS-T air-surface




God I hope they add the F20 and F15…


Here’s hoping we see something.

No Mi-24D? This is the hind that being widely used in NVA
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