German Aviation Perspective (List of aircraft)

I don’t do “suggestions” anymore. Because the company threw all the work of the community and people in particular into the trash

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fair enoughg

What should I do, this PDF doesn’t open for me. Maybe you need to open a VPN? If there are options, send a link to the source, if possible not in PDF.

I say yes

Imma work on making a war thunder future tech tree thing using the vehicles in this, will post when done


Unfortunately, there are a lot of errors, so I would take the information with a grain of salt.

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Finally finished my tech tree thing! Will definitely work on it more at some point.

Also made this sprite for the F-4F ICE but it wouldn’t let me use is :(


why so many ranks? and why the assta 3.1 in rank 9

btw the eurofighters under the quadriga contract are just T4

I would put planes like the he280, He162 A8 me262 hg1 etc. (and maybe hg2 because it was build) in rank 5. Especially both heinkel planes would fill the gap between the he162 and mig15bis

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Yeah, I will probably work on the rankings later, started working on it at like 1:30 in the morning, finished it, accidentally deleted it, remade it, and finished it as 5

Su 27 in gdr makes less sense than maus in soviet tt su 27 was never in service with gdr

iirc east Germany purchased the Su-27 in 1987, they never went into service as the export model wasn’t ready till 1990/91

The F-16AJ is also not from the booklet in the game. He doesn’t even correspond to that booklet.

I dont see how it can be useful? what kind of engine did it had? I remember it had a weak engine like 8t of thrust with a mig-21 radar and no irst. Maybe 9.7 max if it entered the game.

You are right, comrade, if we are going to base ourselves on brochures…



Dornier TKF-90




PS just found out how to put pics in spoilers


Upgraded T3A(likely, not confirmed) variant with the Gripen E’s EW suite and AARGM missiles(AGM-88E)

we can either add this as a seperate aircraft or as a modification(which i’d prefer but its gaijin so it’ll probably come as a seperate aircraft JUST for the missile because WT wont model ECM, at least not properly)

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This would be the EW suit or atleast a variant of it

yeah its what they put in the gripen E

No Pucara?