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Today I learned that you can buy Radar in the 2.5 GHz band for 2,75€

I know rocket trucks/tanks just exist for the lolz ingame, but I really want more of them

South African Bateleur

Israeli MAR-290

German LARS



Modern Katyusha, hell yeah

@Morvran is the sea vixen still worth it ?


Can you open this PDF or download it?

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So what is the story behind this then ?

german su27 i think


you know how they said they are planning Hungary air tree what about a SA one or did they deny it cause we have enough rows

it was ordered, but the export production of the SU 27 didnt start until 1990/1 or so and at that point it wasnt realy a considerdation to deliver it to germany anymore


The SU 27 and the Tiger F-20 would be good fillers until the Typhoon


Well since they were ordered I guess I don’t have a problem with it if they were to add them to the German tree.


That is a tricky convo. I’ve not really touched in ARB but in SB it does have a fairly decent radar and IFF at a BR where a lot of things dont have radar or RWR. Its also reasonably quick for its BR.

But. It doesnt turn well and the Red Tops are currently broken. The lack of guns can also be fiddly.

The question is not necessarily, is it worth it now, but is it worth it if Red Tops get fixed/buffed. If they do get fixed/buffed then the Sea Vixen is gunna be a rather fun jet again. At the moment its more of a frustration to play


I honestly could see them adding the Su 27 as then 3 nations would get a jet at the same time

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Say what you will I say this is a good trade off,

F-15________ - US, Israel, Japan and France
Su-27______ - Russia, Germany and China
Gripen C____ - Britain, Sweden and Italy

This means everyone get’s something



I still think that F/A-18 would be a better fit for Britain and Germany.

Swiss Hunter is already in German TT, Swiss airforce operates F/A-18. I think it’s a logical choice.

Canada has very close historical and political ties with Britain, CF-18 would be a better fit than South African Gripen.

I don’t think SA Gripen is a bad fit, just that RCAF CF-18 is better. As long as it’s not another Tornado…


Bruh The Swiss hunter was a one of and the Germans can get a F/A-18B by there own means.

I’m fine with just getting a slightly gimped MICA for the 2000-5F.