Gepard spam, sad situation

no words are needed, what do you even do? I’m at 8.0 with this thing only at 8.3, its an spaa that’s meant to shoot at planes but now people are just driving up across the map with this thing and are shredding tanks, just watch the replay

Focus on КrAсNый_МеDBeDb

replay: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

i’ve been tracking this guy after seeing him the third time, he’s been doing this and one death leaving everytime, he must be really happy though, with his gepard

Using a in-game feature is a issue? In this case, using a SPAA against a vehicle is a issue?

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Don’t you love how the best SPAA of it’s tier is also the second best against armored vehicles (falcon is without doubt the best)


A ground vehicle*

If you are using a light or medium tank there are high chances a guy with SPAA will shoot rounds at you mostly to destroy your vehicle or disable important modules.

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Would be crazy if Warrior one Falcon cannon, certainly would be kinda good than it is now.

he killed 2 other heavies from the front watch the replay, theres no counterplay because the gepard fires so fast, its even just 66mm of pen, but it’s sheer firerate is what makes it intolerable

Boo hoo, it’s a game feature, still. If you don’t know how to use a high* caliber MG then learn it, press Spacebar.

wtf are you talking about?

Lol just point a HMG at the turret of the Gepard and it dies.

About you complaining about Gepard begin capable of destroying ground targets?

it’s not that, its the fairness of each engagement, you can’t even 50 cal if you wanted to because it wont kill him or even disable him and you’ll be swiss cheese by the end, i’m not the only one complaining bozo

what are you just supposed to shoot the ammo? even so, theres really not much you can do as a light tank, i hope if you’re in a heavy you dont get your barrel blown out

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Well, shooting the ammo of an enemy tank is usually a great way of killing it, so yes, shoot the ammo of the Gepard. If I’m not mistaken, the ammo is two huge belts, one per gun on each side, which literally are impossible to miss.
Alternatively aim for the turret crew located behind the tracking radar at the front.

really wonder if you even fought against the gepard, if it being ‘just an spaa’ is your only schtick
does 100db in your ear and a bright flash of light not make you flinch?

that’s great and all but how do you even counter it? as a light tank that doesn’t have a 12mm?

Of course I never fought a Gepard or even worse, a ITPsV 90, of course, never, it’s something that I can’t find in 8.7.

was thinking of using the bmp1 but after the up br to 8.0 I can’t even get out of spawn without getting sniped immediately in spawn, its just absolute derp