Gepard spam, sad situation

getting out of spawn and play the map? I’m not the best and am new to the 8.0 bracket but facing things at 8.0 with stock is rather hard? working as designed right?

Yea ~8.0 is a range that people might never go above. So you run into a lot of actually good players who also have unfair premiums and aced crews. It can be rough at times but if you dare to go higher you’re just going to suffer forever

god this game’s potential was done so dirty

Cant open the replay due to being on mobile right now, but what heavies did the gepard pen frontally?

Unless you play an unstabilized light tank and meet standing gepard already aimed at you 99% of the time, i doubt that.

I’m not sure, really, I’ve yet to fully know the prominent tanks in this br (>8.3), but what he did to one guy was broke his barrel and killed some tank crew from the front, proceeded to kill him, i think thorugh the turret ring? perhaps through some volumetric spot on the turret iirc

Then the second guy was peeking him, he immediately killed him from spamming the lower plate

honestly kinda fucked up anyways, dude really fucked up my team in near spawn, no time to react

with sound being a thing? nah 99% you’re already dead if you’re in a LT against a gepard

That is issue not limited to gepard and it can be done with most autocannons. You can even kill Strv122B+ with vilkas through turret ring under right circumstances.

If he wasnt running APDS which is limited in supply to 20 rounds per gun, i doubt that it was anything but gaijins spaghetti code. Standard 35mm isnt all that good against mediums and heavies.

Gepard (and marksman turret tanks bar the finish one on leo2 chasis) are mosty paper with giant belt of ammo right under the turret.

If you can shoot gepard first, its likely not to survive.

i agree, but i’ve watched this guy’s replays and he just strolls to spawns, well i’m prob over my own head in this one, but my main gripe is the reaction times provided that it’s a super fast gun

yeah of course i know, but it’s kinda crazy to think about how in a face to face who’ll peek first situation, the gepard cannot be pushed like other autocannon vehicles without basically losing all its components, and its an spaa irl it really shouldn’t be killing tanks

anyways, at 8.0 with the number of fast wheeled vehicles and annoying spam, and the drastic shift in levels of experience and what bold tactics people are pulling off, the bmp1 just triggers me now

can’t come to play it anymore, even though the br change is minimal, it was a nice small flanking scout tank, i really liked playing it the first time as germany, because of it’s profile and for the first time in a while now having a proper cannon, idk why they rose the br, but I thought it was really alright 7.7, i mean you have the pbv 501 at 6.7 anyways and atgms are only used on unaware players 90% of the time anyways