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I don’t think you literally slap shells onto the side of the gun, tho I might be getting my guns mixed up I thought there was a loading section on it (although this may be a mis-remebered section of you can like… load one side while you fire the other)

i think it was made like this so it was double feed and so both sides have different type of ammo

correct it shoudl have two 17 round internal clips, I just am trying to remeber what I read about the gun and reloading cx


It’s Friday in Japan, have a nice weekend !

I know i will because i won’tt be playing war thunder (>▽<)


You too, idk if you have the heat we’re having over here in blighty so I bid you to enjoy the nice weather if you have some.

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I do have to compliment the great mod work


Your welcome.


I saw the guy writing another message, you gave him a break? XD

Talking about it here comes his multi

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I mean japan is still japan and thailsnd is still thailand.
Thailsnd being a japanese sub tree doesnt change that

That’s not gonna happen.

The thai f5 in japan tree says sth else

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Not realy chinese influence outside of china is a joke.
The recent uk accident with the piano is a great example how china made a joke out of themself

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Yeah, I love British people.

What I want to know, is why is Japan neglected to much?

This would be a great vehicle to add.
We have the Type-16 Chassis, they probably have the sounds, visual effects and such for the cannon already.
Far from the amount of work put into other vehicles in this update…which are completely brand new.

But Japan is only getting one vehicle this update? Another F-15J with just ARHs, not even foldered?


It already happened


What would PLA officers even have to do with this? Let’s hope it’s not in reference to a questionable comment on one of your many (Rules of conduct breaking; Rules of conduct - War Thunder) alt accounts.



Heinz You should get a reality check that’s not how the world works