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@N4MELESS did you have anything specific about DL10T? Was it ever used anywhere else?
Secondary sources would be just fine.

Also the table with any missile project also current development. And here is MPMS Kai from 2010~202x
Document from November 2023

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i wanna ask. does the japanese MOD have any plans to upgrade their type 90s? or any of their fighting vehicles at all, and any news on the new Type 16 IFV/APC thing. havent heard of that vehicle for months now.

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They are being retired and scrapped as far as I know.

they are? i thought it was only the type 74s? dang.

What ? That was the Type 74.

In 2020, there was a screenshot circulating of the purported Type 90 upgrade, referred to as Type 90 Kai. The retention period for this plan expires on March 31, 2025.

This document was posted in 2021, showcasing information related to the modernization of the Type 90 tank. However, since all the information is redacted, nothing concrete is known. It is noted, though, that Mitsubishi proposed the 90TK project back in 2019.

Standardization of armor piercing bullets for 120mm tank guns

I don’t anticipate any enhancements to the protection of the Type 90 given its base weight. However, I did expect that its firepower might be improved, potentially allowing its gun to fire the same ammunition type as the Type 10. Perhaps a gun replacement is in consideration?

Unrelated but i loved these fictional Type 90 upgrade so much.


Damn it’s look good, almost look like if they made it for halo franchise


oh my got bro you gon make me bus with those 2 fictional upgrades


By far the coolest image of the Type 73 i have ever seen.

The camo nets, missile racks, panzerfaust, LMAT, one handed machine gun, bullet belts wrapping his neck, boonie caps.
This picture seriously goes hard !



What the hell is that

Appears to be a Type 90 (B) with Type 16 turret

Similar concept to this:




wtf. a Type 16 Turret on a Type 90 hull?. i guess it could work. though im more interested in a Type 16 with 120mm and Autoloader. OR just put the Type 10 Turret on the type 90 i guess

This was on twitter

Actually there is a nations that can adding to Japan tree which is US, more specific is USFJ. Gaijin can add US weapon to Japan tree under Japan flag if they want because of this

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