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I reported that the fuel tank location of the Isuzu Type 94 SPAA was wrong.

As shown in this diagram, it was a common design for interwar trucks to have fuel tanks under the seats.

The role of the boxes on the side steps on both sides that are misunderstood as fuel tanks in the game is a container for storing tracks for half-track conversion to run on snow and muddy terrain. What is a half-track conversion track? Fully tracked vehicles like tanks are costly, and half-tracks are also moderately costly, but by attaching detachable tracks to a 6-wheel truck, you can cheaply cope with paved roads and rough terrain. I don’t know how effective it is in the game, but it might be interesting if the player can choose whether to use tracks or rubber tires as an option.



Compilation of a few Japanese captured AFVs.

M3 Stuart.




Panzer I Ausf. A

Bonus, let’s see if anyone can identify this one.


The last photo is of the Dutch army’s armored vehicle “Braat overvalwagen”.


Type 1 Ta-Ha.


Operational Type 97 Te-Ke 👀


The last remaining Ho-Ni.

The ta-ha turret… the ta ha turret is real!

Is this a new discovery from some sort of archive?

Nahh i don’t believe is new.

Thats so odd that the turret design has been floating around out there for a while (i assume) but never got brought up on any one of these discussion threads.

Or i should say i have never personally seen it whilst perusing through them

i don’t think the turret is known, but in the past a drawing of the modified chi-he chassis is known, posted by Mai and that was it.
The lack of information on the turret and the gun making it difficult to discuss about it.
I also don’t think it was completed at all, it is said that only the hull was modified which makes it a paper design.

op, more vehicles to have as premiums 👀

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I’ve never seen these pages before? I always saw the model, which was claimed to be based on the original documents. So I assumed the documents were copyright-protected.

@_N4MELESS You’re so cool

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Yeah, it seems to be a real project.

There is also information on the Ko-Hi

It was put on aution, makes you wondering what else is inside it.

But yeah was looking for more information on the differences between the Type 98 and Type 2 20mm cannons because it seems that Gaijin gave the So-Ki the wrong gun.
It historically had a improved Type 2 twin gun mounted on a platform inspired from the German 2 cm Flak 30/38. Beside the Type 98 never had a twin mount.

If you look closely you could see some minor differences between the two guns. The biggest change being the magazine box. Type 98 magazine holds 20 rounds hence it is longer, while the Type 2 mags holds 15 rounds hence why they are shorter. Despite this, the So-Ki has 40 rounds regardless instead of 30 rounds.

Btw the Wiki it states the Type 2 had RoF of 420-480 RPM but on this site nothing much seem to change except for the better gun elevation and depression of the Type 2 gun mount. So i have no idea what to trust.

But if the Type 2 actually had improved RoF, that would actually beef up the So-Ki quite a bit for the cost of having 10 rounds less in total.

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Personally i do love to slap the Japanese flag onto the T-26 and especially the BA-10 since it is currently not available anywhere outside of marketplace, and i didn’t grind its event.

And oh, A captured BT-5.


I think a bug report is in order.

Btw, how did you get such high-quality texture model in War Thunder?

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Who is doing it ?

Gaijin’s HQ vehicle texture + Using nvidia freestyle

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I mean I could make a quick bug report, but I’m gonna need better sources than just a website. I tried the same thing with the Ke-Ni name change, but it was denied (unsurprisingly).

Ta-Se was equipped with 20 mm Ho-Ki AA machine cannon model 2. The basic performance is the same as the 20 mm Type 98 AA machine cannon, but the gun mount has been improved to allow the gunner to control the elevation and depression angle with his shoulder. This mount limits the maximum elevation angle to approximately 70 degrees, but allows a ±15 degree traverse without turning the turret. In the game, the shoulder rest will also function as a gun stabilizer.

Jiro Sayama. “Machine cannons, Fortress guns, sequel” Japanese Army Artillery, 2012, pp. 112-113


It appears that the gun modeled on the Ta-Se in the game is the same version as the cart mounted version.
The shoudler rest also featured on this gun.

For some reason this variant lacking a sight ? Which is also the case with the Ta-Se in war thunder.

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I haven’t written a bug report for Ta-Se yet, but I’d like to look into it and write one. As of now, I only have one book that has information about Ta-Se. I don’t know if a bug report will be accepted if just one book is the source.

@_N4MELESS , do you know the title of this book? This page explains that Ta-Se has a Hoki cannon model II.


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