Gatling AA? Mid map? Was a heavy drug use involved when this idea happened?

I can understand many things, even the airfield AA and camping involved around it, but why would anyone think that adding some kind of gattling AA spraying aircrafts from the middle of the map is a good idea?
How does adding additional camp locations in the middle map makes the game better?
How making it a AA that sprays bullets into the air with some crazy accuracy when you are in the middle of a combat against other players add to the experience?

Does anyone know what is the goal of it being there? What does it balance?

Should they wait at spawn for enemy aircraft to kill them? As AA I support my team close not far away.

Mate I am talking about bot AA in air battles.
By camping I mean air players flying close to their airfield to be covered by bot AA.

my mistake …

To make you angry, no other purpose. It doesn’t add anything positive to the experience whatsoever. It can kill you, which sucks, and leave your enemy without a decent fight too. Nothing good about it and everyone wishes any form of AI killing players should be done with

Ignore the M163 that can be faced at 5.0, that’s fine.