Game needs delta canards ! (△)

The game is in urgent need of delta canards… It’s very unfair that you have to deal with f16C, f16 D (Israel), mig 29 and mig 29smt with older aircraft like mirages, j8 and j37.
Basically the top tier comes down to f16s, f14b and mig29s, If you don’t have these planes in the match you are a mere supporting player in the match.
the game needs delta canards to give protagonism to other civs.
We need gripens, j10s, eurofighters and rafales.

f16C/D and the mig 29 smt are aircraft from the 90s/2000s eurofighter is from 1998 the first model…
To be quite honest, the official introduction of the Eurofighter in all member countries of the project was in 2004.
The introduction of the rafale model C it was in 2001, Gripen’s service introduction was in 1996 and the Chengdu J-10 was in 2005.
In the case of the MiG-29SMT, the first flight of the MiG-29SMT prototype was concluded in April 1998. Serial production of the fighter aircraft began in 2004.
The f16 block 50/52 and block 50/52 plus are also located in the 91/2005 period.
How big does the technology gap have to be for other civs to receive updates? because apparently a Mirrage F1, Harrier GR7, j8 and tornados family faces f16c/d and mig29smt doesn’t seem to be enough.


well the gripen is confirmed to come this year, eurofighter and with it propably the rafale got denied for the near future on the other hand

Well, J10A’s model was completed a few years ago, so it depends on when will gaijin add it.

I don’t think the euro fighter is coming this year. Maybe the first patch of next year.

Was there some leak?

Nope, I think just Gaijin’s Modeling contractors

I literaly said eurofighter got denied

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Stop using service dates as an argument, they’ve already explained that the Typhoon is too much atm.

What makes you think delta Canards specifically will offer any counter to a MiG-29 / F-16?
Flight performance?


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I guess I misread it as “and the eurofighter with it”

More like end 2025,…

More powerful engine delta canards will offer better handling high AOA, and recent missiles (such as AIM-9P4/5 for export 9M variant)

I would also see a Mirage 4000 for exemple.

Generally not better handling at higher AoA, depending on what the canard is used for. Look at the Viggen… Kfir… I think it’s primary purpose is recovery from high AoA and only improves this in relation to the other pure delta’s who do not have separate tail control.

Delta canards are a simple and extremely functional design. It is no wonder that it is adopted by Saab, Chengdu, Dassault and Eurofighter GmbH.
In addition to being a feature of many 4th generation aircraft.
It is a striking feature of the planes that came in the 90s/2000s to go head to head with American and Russian aircraft.
When I say that “the game needs delta canards”, I’m referring to this generation of aircraft whose main feature is the design of delta wings with canards… like j10, j39 gripen, eurofighter and rafale

It’s just that it doesn’t make sense to say that an aircraft is too much for the game, because the game is on its way to receiving Fox3 missiles and these aircraft are competitors in real life.

To perform on the same level as other super powers and meet the real world performance meta of “jamming the wez” while maintaining a large flight envelope it makes sense that they’d sacrifice performance for turn radius and cost.

Rafale and Eurofighter are a little advanced still. With Gripen it depends on the implementation.
J-10 might come earlier of course.
You also forgot Mirage 2000 which is quite competitive and already is in game.

J-10A yes,… J-10C no,…

M2k is more an opportunity fighter than a real fighter tbh. I’ll wait a Mirage 4000

Eurofighter is indeed too early, as it can’t be added with current missiles.

Rafale M F.1 is capable of being added only with MICA-EM and Magic-II (and dummy bombs),… therefore it is plausible that the Rafale M F.1 get added in 6 months or less.
(Considering MICA-EM will be added alongside Gripen in december)

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Basic: mirage have 4 missiles where everyone else have a lot more, most of the time better missiles, and superior Flightmodel, in both acceleration, climb rate and top speed at low altitude.

Basically, you’re not going to fight your ennemies like you would in F-16 or MiG-29,…

Mirage players do not engage frontally the ennemy, because they’re overpowered.

So yes,… basically saying that Mirage 2000 is not on par with the current toptier META and have to side along in order to have interesting fights.

Maybe it will change for the -5F when Fox-3’s and MICA-IR would be there,… (someday in like 2 years from here)