Game needs delta canards ! (△)

The only real disadvanatges are the misisle count as well as the engine power.
In game the flight performance sometimes is questionable otherwise you can go toe to toe with the enmy. Certainly in a random match.

I didn’t say the aircraft is not capable of having kills,… i’m saying it is currently subpar to everything it encounter.


Why not? People want the AMRAAM which likely has better range, performance at BVR.

Implies that it can not hold it’s own which it can.

Check out AMRAAM,… and check how fuckin unfriendly Gaijin Gimped EVERY french missiles because they were superior to current in game missiles(or were superior to,… as the gimping started on R.530 and R.530E at the time) on one or another characteristics,…

Tbh, i don’t expect Gaijin to ever model MICA-EM as it should.