Game meta is broken: the fastest and most reliable way to win is spawn camping

Gaijin needs to address spawn camping, the fastest and most reliable way for a 3 or 4 person squad to win is simply head straight for the enemy spawn and start camping it. They will slowly pick off every single respawn one-by-one. The gameplay is ridiculously broken right now with so many people exploiting a terrible spawn system where you’re totally unprotected and have very little options for getting out.

An easy way to fix this is any person shooting any vehicle inside of the “protected zone” should have a permanent marker above their head until they are killed. Or simply double the detection radius.


They are only able to do that because the other team lets them because poor (nonexistent) player skill/performance indexing by the matchmaker.
So games (and spawn camping) are determined by which team gets the most high level players.
Fix that and you fix spawn camping and a host of game issues.


This is by design. Since they “fixed” the maps, you have to move out of spawn protection to shoot back.

Also, you didn’t propose a workable solution. People would just wait outside.

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At least on br 10.X+ the problem comes from the fact that in like 60% of battles, the resault is determinated by the first 2-3 mins of battle. Since mbts are really fast, they clash in the middle, side that wins that clash push to an area around enemy spawn, they spawn camp a little removing from the game people that died in the initial clash, they die but at that point the game is over because they can respawn, and the guys that died on the spawn cannot, so they can spawn CAS and clear the rest of the guys that went for flanking and the bully them on spawn. Like im now at like 75% performance on my teams in my 10.3 german and i’m at like 50% winrate since after 3-4 mins in battle threre are 3 players on my team left, and if i die, there is kinda no point in respawning since il just get murdered by guided bombs.


Its part of the game

More rubbish suggestions to ruin the game


Yawn…can we get off the “spawn camping” crap already?

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Spoken like a true spawn camper.


Well, yes and no. Yes, if your entire team is there to cover you and anyone that’s scattered on the map is trying to kill your team. No, if your solo, someone will spawn with protection, and somehow magically not lose it for a solid 30 seconds, but when you get spawn campped, that doesn’t happen, and they will also most likely turn back and take you out.

Imho you missed some points:

  1. WT is a plain shooter
  2. Shooter games are designed to allow attacking the enemy spawn
  3. Killing enemies at their spawn is the easiest way to get kills
  4. Making the enemy spawn “campable” is fully intended by Gaijin

Imho you might want to use the forum search to get additional views, but for me it looks like some really interesting threads were locked (or made them “unreadable”).

I participated in a very interesting thread some time ago - called “i have enough about spawnkillers” - obviously gaijin deleted/blocked this thread. You will find a link to this post in this response:

The link to the thread “i have enough about spawnkillers” is not working.

Imho a clear indicator that discussing this topic is a waste of time.

seem people want to play small map and this exactly what happened.

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Show me THAT ppl please…


The responses in this thread make me ever more aware that this community is extremely dumb/bad at the game and actually like the game being trash.

What about maps, where you can spawn camp from your spawn?

Good thing is reduced repair cost if you are destroyed instantly. Gaijin could also add free respawn for a tank destroyed right after spawn. Will be easier to hunt spawn campers…
And reduce RP/SL prize for destroying newly spawned vehicles…


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