Game Masters

oh c’mon i’m banned from war thunder then i changed my name to an aproppiate name and yesterday i messaged two game masters THEY DON’T UNBAN ME OR ANSWER ME

Why cant you guys use some decent ign? I have seen this exact same complain at least 50 times.

c’mon bro they should just unban me

Game masters are busy. Not only do they have dozens of people messaging them, but they also have real lifes. They have real jobs, they have families to take care of, and real life commitments. They will answer you, just give them some time.

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Ok i guess but i bet they won’t answer

Bet that all you want.

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Ok i’ll wait

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Karma hurts lmao

What was your previous nickname?

Forum ban incoming…

Baffles me how they just dont force a namechange to renamed no.X, give a warning and go on with it. As if some bypassed name is the biggest problem in this game. Maybe even add an option to hide names

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Yeah they should just add a censoring system to prevent people from using inappropriate names

They employed that method for many years, the current “banning” a player until they change their “tag” was used when I became a Game Master many years ago. And after a while they tried the “Renamed” thing and it rolled for a good long while. But it has/had it’s drawbacks, without going into detail, it was a pretty long drawn out process that was kinda labor intensive. So I am not too surprised they have gone back to what we have now. All in all I would say it is a more “efficient” method, even tho at times it may not seem so to some folks. As Tinder explained, GM’s are busy folks . . if players knew how much work they actually do, I don’t think they would hate on the so much. . . walk a mile
and if you had seen as many of these “bad” names as the staff . . you might look at it differently as well.

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Labor/programming intensive . . . soooo much work. And they’d just figure out ways to go around it anyway. I had thought that posting the Rules about acceptable names right there on the webpage where they do that might help. Or even having players “applying” for a tag and going by PlayerB0Z0123 or something until the name was approved, and then same for name changes, etc . . . but man, somebody would have to do all that and well . . . forget about it. MANY of the things that players complain about that Gaijin does, like crew lock, automated tk system and so on . . if you look at it closely, there really aren’t any/many alternatives to what is being used that would do the job any better.
To me, it seems as though most of those things have been thought out pretty well. Sure some things could be done differently . . but always have to consider the amount of work needed to make those changes . . . “cost prohibitive” . . .

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well they should just put more game masters

I see you are volunteering.

i wasn’t volunteering but if they want to add me they can feel free to add me

i mean everyone would accept being a GM right?

I don’t disagree, but I think having the player decide if he wishes to see names or not might be better overall. Unless there is some idiotic law behind all of this, then it’s understandable.

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