Game is unplayable for ground with Heli / CAS spam

Again, if everything was said why talk the same things all over?


…because I was noting that the thread had quieted down.

I hadn’t even been talking to you about it either, so I’m not sure why you’re so keen about it.

Having seen and discussed that video around the time it came out, I can tell you Spookston got really lucky with that video.

The XA-38 is made out of fragile glass and regularly has its tail broken off…you can tell he didn’t encounter much resistance (and watching the video confirms this.)

As an XA-38 owner, I can say I don’t recommend it…the PBJ-1H is preferable.

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I have just explained why there is no more discussion around it. Simple as it can be, all things were already said.

I never saw the rough draft intended to propose the mode laid out but that’s no different than before.

It does strike me that the thread has disappeared though…

And You have proved yet again that there is no point in discussing things with You. TO was explained to You multiple of times on old and You can read about it on new forum. Not gonna make another 200 posts because You either have dementia or troll.

Looking how many people post about unbalance between ground and air (like this topic), TO will always be here. Poll was made and it is clear that people would like to see it.


No flying pests → no deaths → ez win → ez enjoyment.


Some games are fun even with CAS , but its only when its 2 planes up , not 5-6 in the same time.


Incorrect–what I have shown is that I have shown how the game and suggestions work.

New user-pitched ideas (modes, vehicles, etc) come from suggestions laid out in writing to the developers via the forums.

The issues you’re having with my understanding what I have said arises because my grasp on this is much more advanced than yours…apparently you forget how suggestions work.

Violating the forum rules with goofy, meaningless personal attacks doesn’t change that.

I said interest in TO seemed to have died down, not that there was none.

I’m open to TO, but its years-old situation leaves its chances in doubt. The developers stopped talking about it years ago after their pitch for a SB-like perma-event was shunned.

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Nope, You asked for ‘rough draft’ and it was laid out many times. Sorry but I’m not gonna bloat another topic because You want to troll. Anyone reading any topic regarding TO can see ‘rough drafts’ on how TO is supposed to work.

Again, many new topics and votes in poll show that interest is here, people just don’t want to talk about the same thing over again as everything was said.


One thing is pretty clear though , topic is being ignored by Gaijin since years . They have their own plan , like they had with economy changes. Community stood up then maybe thats the way to get some attention.


It’s not even about player demand, it’s about Gaijin’s love for cash.
Imagine TO getting added and then taking over bunch of population from the current GRB. This would surely negatively affect the sales of premium helicopters and CAS aircraft, since those wouldn’t be of any use in, what’s now a pretty popular mode. They would basically shit in their own bed.

I doubt they would even consider it, even if the whole forum was on fire demanding it to happen.


A rough draft for a suggestion would be unveiling the assembled proposal in an unofficial venue (like its topic thread) outside of the suggestions area (which is currently closed).

Numerous ideas scattered across hundreds of posts over many years of time are not a serious effort at a proposal.

Recognizing that is simply honesty, not trolling…but I guess you’d rather attack guys like me than actually try for TO.

If energy for ____ is not professed, ___ is unlikely to gather official interest.

While a small group may be very interested in something, without significant professed interest it probably won’t get off the ground (pardon the expression).

TO has a following, yes…but Gaijin hasn’t chosen to cater to that niche yet. If you want that to change, you have to entice them to do so.

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A rough draft of how mode would work was propsed in a TO topic.

Sorry but I’m not going to go in circles with You.

Beyond my quips above agreeing that you must entice Gaijin to pursue TO, I will say this:

War Thunder is a combined arms game and many people come to it because of that–not in spite of it. I doubt there’d be a major shift in sales of premium aircraft, as RB AFs/GFs would still exist.

With that said, I would imagine Gaijin would have an earnings differential between RB GFs and an RB TO to reflect the different environments.

A 50% differential would not surprise me.

Not really but if you want to keep believing that it doesn’t matter to me.

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idk. chat war not gona change a lot. cas players cryng spa is 2 op. ground players cryng cas is 2 op. and thing is im playng ground just for tace inaf point for smt or yak. my goal in game its just a kill f16 players. like they mace grind on ground 2 unfun. so now im just ruin cas players day every just spawn camping in ground rb. and in air sim. ony fun for me its a kill f16.

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Someone who’s playing TO would have much lower interest in buying premium helicopters and planes, since he’s playing a mode without those vehicle types in the first place.

No one really knows how many people would transition to TO mode, thus it wouldn’t only reduce the sales of premiums, but also increase queue times for those who’re keen to play their premiums.
I think Gaijin simply doesn’t see the monetary gain from doing that, while it would be a venture into the unknown that could very well backfire, resulting in a loss of money overall.

So as I said, I believe Gaijin is ignoring TO because of their own, monetary reasons, and simply isn’t willing to take risks for a (probably) small reward.

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That’s reasonable speculation.

In the past, some people have mistaken talk about queue times from myself as though I’m concerned about queue times. To that, I can say: no, not really. I don’t think queues would change much and what did happen would probably be a 30-90 sec. change.

While I believe your suspicions about queue time changes are probably a tad harsh (I don’t think any change would be very significant), your take on how Gaijin thinks about queue times is very correct.

Gaijin is notoriously reactive about queue times and while an extra minute or two in the queue might be nothing to you or I, Gaijin is indeed prone to going bananas about it.

In short, your views are fair…they could be dead on for all we know (but we don’t).

SPAA as well, you can essentially ignore several aspects of the game. Which Gaijin isn’t about as they put naval tasks into BP challenges despite everyone complaining about it

İ fought against two ka-50’s that was using Iglas yesterday.

Chances are pretty slim but its never zero.

Take it like a sportsman - sometime you loose, sometimes you win.

In the end I battled 3 KA50 in one battle yesterday that were hammering the spawn point. I took down 2 with my Machbet. The thirds one unfortunately ended my Machbet.

Its a fact that every time there is a 50% discount on the KA50 pack, there are more people playing it and spawning directly at start. I played around 50 battles last weekend, there was always at least 2 of them at start. Spawn SPAA with guns and SAM and you’ll have fun with them. They always trie to come close. The 20mm will handlle ;-)