Game has suddenly started with heavy freezes / stuttering

Is this area of the forum dedicated to players guiding other players or does someone from Gaijin guide here? Maybe they could know some fix to this stuttering?

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Jesus christ how has this issue been going on for so long yet Gaijin won’t look into it. Every other week I can’t play because of this. It’s a joke, complain about a Russian flightmodel being too bad and it gets fixed within a week, complain about the game being completely unplayable and Gaijin just ignores you and adds another top tier premium


You can play without any freezes/stutters then some weeks it just feels like it wanna die and delete itself by just frezzing in to an ice age. its unplayable and no fix heard of or in sight, nice. why does it work for weeks and then just decides to f you in the a** for a week or 2?

Yep, been happening with me for months now, its really starting to get annoying

i have a 4090, 32GB of 5800mhz RAM, and R7 7800x3D

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Perhaps this could working… I found it in a Nvidia Forum.
System - Monitor - Graphic - Standard-Settings > turn off GPU Scheduling

sadly it does not work for me but maybe for others, had this setting turned off for months/years.

I read in a Nvidia forum that they have problems with stuttering in Vsync mode by 58, 59 and 60 Hertz monitors…

Was not the solution…

I will share my tiny journey with stuttering or regular freezes even in test drive ground units, around every 20-25sec freezez for 2-3 seconds.
Over three weeks ago i installed sound mod recomended by spookston, i had fun for week when i noticed that after game update less than 300mb and next day similar update my engine sound of ground vehicles was going up to 100% while in options it was still 27%, randomly in battle ot at start, not every battle but it was annoying as hell. Didint found anyone with same problem or solution. Reinstaled mod, no change, deleted mod, with original game sounds was same issue.
So i decided its time to update some drivers, downloaded some program and started updating everything, intel, graphic, sound, and all other stuff, sound problem stayed, ok fine i can live with that.

But now there were mini freezes while in battle mostly at start, for 2 max 3 games, less than half second or even just quater, i told myself its probably loading all those tanks and skins and thats why there were gone after 2-3 battles, two newer maps were loading a bit longer than old ones, fine ok still can play. Changed in nvidia control panel to efficiency and it was a bit better.

But yestarday those regular 2-3 sec freezes came, week after updating drivers, it must be game fault, found this post, tryed some stuff, nothing better or worse, lets check other game, satisfactory fine, baldurs gate 3 and freezes like in war thunder but less annoying, ok so its something with pc not game itself, searching and thinking changing more stuff and nothing.

I took me over 7 hours to fix that.
Deleted game cache, config and compiledShaders. No change
Playing with vsync, i think 1050 ti is too old for dlls so no playing with it, no change
HDR, changing some more advanced stuff i nvidia control panel, changed on monitor from 60 hertz to 50, disconected second monitor( just old tv). Still no change for better or worse.
Time for pc cleaner, did and some additional PC HelpSoft Driver Updater, that updated some more drivers, oh yee and also updated graphic card drivers to even barely newer version, freezes were like half second shorter and around every 30-40 seconds.

My last idea was install clean copy of windows.
Before that i had to try one last thing, older graphic card drivers, and done, fixed.
i5-6400 2.7
1050 ti
16gb ram 2133
windows 10

Drivers for graphic card ver 553 something (instaled with some updater) , today it was 555.99, and now the old one 472.12 from 2021.
No clue whats with new drivers and they dont like on my pc, other drivers, maybe monitor and those Hertz like someone mentioned.
Sorry for mistakes and other things but it were long almost 7 hours trying to find solution.


The point where you tested other game for freezes.

I have no freezes in any other game, for example: Hoi 4, Eu4, R6, Rust, Helldivers, Baldurs Gate 3. it’s only this game that freezes.
Therefore there is something that just war thunder doesnt like that every other game is just fine with.

Then that the problem somehow can be fixed by updating and going around in my PC for a fix should not be something you have to do. Then the game has to be problem to begin with for these issues no? but idk.

But it doesnt seem to be a fix you can do yourself so it must be the game then.

I hate this game freezes

I found a solution for my problem which may or may not work for other people.

My problem was the game was stuttering bad whenever I made any inputs from my mouse and keyboard. It was was most noticeable from my mouse where moving it around was making the game stutter like a kid with a speech impediment.

The solution that I found that worked for me was to sort of restart my BIOS by clearing the CMOS. I did this by removing the CMOS battery.

If you are going to try this it is important for you to take the necessary precautions such as making sure your PC is fully powered down, unplug the power cable, and turn off the switch for your power supply unit. Also be aware that any static charge on you has the possibility of damaging your PC so it is recommended for you to do this on a non-static surface such as a table (or in my case the windowsill of my room).

Some motherboard may have a CMOS battery you can remove while other may have a CMOS jumper pin you need to short.


Need to come back and update, as I thought the issue was fixed but really it was a bandaid deleting the shader cache folder.

I am still getting stutters/freezes, tabbing in and out fixes it. It’s not as bad as before but I cannot say the problem is fixed, more like treated.



guys i found a working solution not sure if it works for everyone but it works for me
atleast for now … about 5 battles and no stuttering :)

Delete Nvidia cache like that guy -

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You still had progress, check what got posted above and see how that goes.

i have the exact same gpu, i fully updated the drivers and it is still happening, so idk

Switch off antislizing. It helped me after having issues for a week and looking for solution. Just switch off antislizing entirely. Let others know as well

Switch off antialiasing removed any stuttering for me. Worked like a charm I hope it works for you as well.

So i did that thing from video that Grabarz23 linked and after that i reinstalled nvidia drivers ver 555.99, this time directly from nvidia page, and like in video dude said after starting game and playing i had few small ones and just one bigger in two matches, after that few days later its fine, maybe even better than before, maybe all those games and drivers installed over years and not cleaning anything ever was huge reason to that.

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seems to have worked for me, thank you