Game has suddenly started with heavy freezes / stuttering

And the issue may be something else, but you already think you know, even though you think that normal players won’t actually even do anything because you’ve done nothing.

Think about that… I’m here trying to offer things, you are already set in mind that nothing will work, and you’re writing off what I said before you’ve even come back with anything…

Actually I stand corrected, ur fix seems to resolve the stutter in the game, still stutters in the hanger. I will update if it crashes, but in game, it seems to be okay for the most part. Still, a stutter issue is persistent though, not in game so far.

Nice, see how you get on… Just beware that this is what comes from reading too many posts on random sites and assuming that things are all related.

Like, hope you do have some more luck.

I was mostly referencing new players and the average player isn’t that technical enough to find a hidden appdata folder. So yes, I’m not wrong on those facts.

I know the issue is related to AMD cards, specifically, I’ve seen people with RX6600 with the same issues which is why I opened an issue. But thank you for clarifying that you need to delete shader files too, that seems to have fixed it but I will need to test some more.

I will update my issue I opened so in case others who faced this might have a solution.

I assumed you were on nVidia xD

I actually have no idea about AMDs software and all thier setup that would relate to the ‘experience’ frontend.

It’s really good though that the clearing of that folder made some movement for you. It could be a thing for anyon who is having video/FPS issues to clear them out.

I still have to clear mine out as I feel that flashing that comes from tanks and textures is also something to do with that folder.

Weird that AMD’s clear shader cache doesn’t clear all of the shader files through their adrenaline software(its up to date too).

For those also with AMD try deleting these shader files under this folder:

*Stands for user folder name

:\Users\ * \AppData\Local\AMD\DxCache\

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There’s also a folder in the game folder ‘compiledShaders’ which is the one I meant xD

Awesome though.

Still getting the issue with a 4070. Tried a complete uninstall/reinstall, reverted graphics drivers, installed older drivers, cleared the shaders folder out, tried the geforce recommend settings and nothing seems to make a difference for me. Not sure what else to even try since War Thunder is the only game I am running into an issue with.


I’m having a similar issue on the few days after alpha strike i couldn’t play a match because it would freeze instantly when i take off i can hear the games sounds the guns the engine but i can’t see any movement, then the whole game would crash or my laptop would crash after and when i relaunch it just crashes my whole laptop again currently i can play a custom with friends until I or someone else dies then my screen freezes my friends showed me that I’m just going straight down in a line i can see part of the screen moving in the top left corner where the speed and altitude things are shown and i can see terrain and the sky moving there

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thank you sir, i specifically logged in to post this thank you

i am running a 3k euro gaming rig and it was killing my gaming experience

this fix worked for me, thank you

I turn off my pc everyday, i alwas have stuttering

You could at least say you’ve tried what else is listed on the thread and actually mention any luck you’ve had rather than just saying that you powercycle your PC every day.

In NVidia control panel, turn on VSYNC war Warthunder.exe (ACES), and turn it on in-game. I used to have the first one on “use 3D app setting”. It was unplayable for me despite my high end pc, too much stuttering. Now it i way smoother. Still some stuttering but way less bothering

I’ve been following this thread for a while and followed every suggestions here. Also, what worked a bit for me was to turn off GForce Experience’s recording

That is a common one. It currently makes 6-8 copies of the same footage if you go check it.

Should also put it on another drive compared to the game and the OS, as even they should be on seperate drives for top performance.

Yes, I have it too. I am lagging whenever I move my mouse/cursor around. The FPS drops to 0 if I move it very quickly. If I run the game in administrator mode then it doesn’t get past the “checking for update” load. Please find a fix, as I cannot find anything else.

So I found a fix for myself and I have no microstutters anymore.

Those microstutters were caused by random FPS drops (small and big ones, with Vsync on and off) that were also visible on GPU usage monitoring - random GPU usage drops from ~ 80% to ~ 5% and back to ~ 80%.

I have tried everything that was recommened here but to no avail. Removed WT Shaders and cache, removed AMD shaders, removed DirectX shaders, toyed around with ingame and GPU drivers settings but still microstutters.

Then i actually uninstalled War Thunder through Revo Uninstaller (a better cleanup then the regular uninstaller alone) and actually reinstalled War Thunder though Steam.

Afterwards I installed the high-res texture packs DLCs through Steam (I’m pretty sure they are also installed with the full ultra HQ client but was trying new things just in case) and forced a manual update on the full ultra HQ client.

Started War Thunder and… no microstutters anymore. Of course I have no idea what fixed it but some things to note:

  • Revo uninstaller did a pretty strict cleanup of my previous War Thunder installation
  • Reinstall through Steam forced War Thunder to a different location on the storage device
  • High-res texture pack DLCs are downloaded through Steam instead of the War Thunder client

Something among those steps seem to have fixed it for me.

This for a rig with a 7800X3D, 7900XT and 64GB RAM. No thermal throttling and decent temps (through manual fan curves for the AIO, GPU and case fans with Fan Control).

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I am in UK on X Box and having no problems at all.Only issue is rendering speed in CAS which was not an issue in the past.

Well that didn’t last long. Freezes are back and they take seconds. ffs


I’m back to Warthunder after 10 years or so…
Game stutters in hangar, in battle, in test drive

AMD Ryzen 9 7950x3d
64GB Ram
RTX 4090

cleaning the cache helps for one or two battles, then it turns back in time and stutters again
reinstalling drivers helps for same amount of time - after 2 battles its stutters …