Game has suddenly started with heavy freezes / stuttering

Yesterday, I suddenly experienced the game doing heavy stuttering and freezing. It happens in games and the test drive.

I’ve updated my drivers and verified the steam files. No other game is doing this, just war thunder.

I have no idea where to even begin diagnosic what the issue could be beyond what I’ve already done.

Interestingly, the computer isn’t freezing as I was able to record what’s happening using the xbox game recorder thingy :

The first stuttering happens at 24 seconds

Possibly related, is I’ve also noticed the game keeps re-downloading or rebuilding textures. i.e. when I go to a tank in the hanger I can see their textures being applied, especially if I have a skin on them.

Any ideas?


That’s wild. I started having the same issue on the 18th/19th – made the game largely unplayable. I don’t understand why, but the issue went away yesterday and is back today for me.

A run down of what I’ve tried since.

I verified Steam files for the game. I ran diagnostics on my CPU, GPU, and RAM in case it was my worst fear and my computer was failing. I reinstalled War Thunder twice, along with my graphics drivers. I switched my graphics settings from medium to minimum: this seemed to make the freezing slightly shorter and more infrequent. Nonetheless, it didn’t fix the issue.

I believe you have a good point, Swingfire in that it may have something to do with texture files reloading or maybe something else in-game. I haven’t noticed any similar issue with other games so far, which makes me think it’s the result of some change on Gajin’s end. Your video is right on point which what I’ve been experiencing, though the freezing often more frequent for me than what you show. It tends to vary some and usually comes in several minutes where the freezing occurs every 10-20 seconds for 2-5 seconds.

I wish I had some tips to help fix this, but something tells me it’s a bit out of our hands.

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Ive actually managed to fix my issue luckily. My nvidia drivers were a few months old but I updated them anyway and the issue disappeared.

Started having the exact same issue a couple days ago. Sometimes it’ll run for a minute or two just fine, other times it’ll freeze for several seconds, twice, with both freezes only a second or two apart. I had an issue with my mouse input freezing separately to the game’s graphics, but that worked itself out with just reinstalling the game. Thought it would fix the freezing too, but it clearly hasn’t

Same issue, every game around 20 seconds in I either get a freeze like in the video or the screen turns black for 2-3 seconds. I’m running a new gen PC and a 4090.

Also been having this issue. Not sure what causes it because I’ve asked in-game chat and nobody else seemed to be having it until I searched online, but I have seen many posts in the past 2 months with this exact issue. I believe it is a Gaijin-side issue and the latest patch broke it for me. Hope it gets fixed soon, makes the game kind of unplayable right now.

same here, started about a month ago, went away and now back. 20-30 seconds into every match i get a hard 2-3s stutter.

I did notice that turning off optimizations for windowed games in graphics settings in Win 11_23H2_v2 makes it go away,

But you loose the optimization and auto-HDR…(call me crazy, but auto-HDR looks better than the in-game HDR on my setup)

I am guessing it is a windows11_23H2_v2 + Gaijin SNAFU.


Same as well. About 20-30 seconds into a new match the game will freeze for a few seconds. Nvidia drivers are up to date.

Just solved the problem after finding some random fixit article from 2023:

DELETE the entire CACHE file from WT: x:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\War Thunder\Cache

The game will rebuild this file which is apparently easily corruptible (maybe something for GJ to look into?)

Mine went from 536mb to 36mb and now the game is buttry smooth…woohoo…for now…


same issue here

The same issue. Cleaning the cache helped for a few games and it is happening again.

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With the most recent AMD driver update this started happening, but instead of a big long stutter its near constant like 2 second stutters. It’s nearly unplayable, and it’s started happening in the hangar.

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Same exact problems I have been having for about a month now. I also get the BSOD and the error points to Denuvo Anti-Cheat Update Service. I have disabled it I hope that fixes the lag spikes/packet loss crap, but I doubt it. Something happened in mid January as everything was awesome until then.

Same issue here, game suddenly stuttering again

Yup, same here. Either freezes, or black screen for a second. Gameplay is still rolling on though, since I can hear everything happening just fine. It’s gotten me killed a few times now on maps with quick reveal spawns. Brand new razer 16” with 4080 and 13950hx I think and 32gb ram. No other game has issues, just this one, and only at the start the first 20 seconds or so.

Constant stutters started happening to me a few days ago and now the game is unplayable for me. Already updated windows, graphic drivers etc. but to no avail. Only happening with war thunder so im assuming its an issue with the game as it was working fine until a couple days ago.

Ryzen 5 3500X

Am having the same issue here. Is generally much more frequent than what swingfire’s video shows. I am on an older laptop so I am normally around 50 fps on high setting, and in the seconds between stutters it will return to that level, but when it stutters they are longer than the stutters in his video as well. Would say that once the stuttering starts within maybe 2 minutes of launching the game, will be freezing occurs about every 5 second and lasts for 2-3 seconds, but will sometimes freeze for 5 seconds or longer.

Am running a windows 10 bootcamp on a 2018 macbook pro.
16gb DDR4 2400 MHz
Radeon Pro 560X 4gb

Hi there, same issue here… 25 seconds into a game I have either a black screen for a few seconds or stutters for a few seconds as well. This got me killed a few times and is happening each game.

windows 11

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You have the same problem I have, seems others experience a more frequent or different kind of black screen / stutter.

Same here. My stuttering is as noticeable, but is more common happening every second