Game has suddenly started with heavy freezes / stuttering

I am also having same issue as well that WT is getting unplayable when FPS gets like fps loss hiccups or less than 1 sec freezes/stuttering. When my fps is around 180fps then suddenly see -100 fps for 1 sec then goes back to normal.

I don’t like to play now. :(

This issue happened earlier and yesterday when I updated my gpu driver. It still keep going.

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This seems to be an ongoing issue for WT. Using an i9-10900F, 128GB DDR4 and an RX 7900 XTX. No matter the resolution or settings, the game is having framerate issues despite rendering over 250FPS at 4K High/Custom.

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Some AMD users might see benefit from downgrading to the 23.12.1 drivers. This will not remove the problem, but the frame stutters will be a lot more brief than in the latest 24.4.1 drivers.

Yep, same issue.

Recently upgraded to a new pc with current gen hardware (7800X3D, RX 7900 XT) and I’have had inconsistent FPS drops that cause micro stutters (miliseconds, as if a frame is skipping) to random freezes like shown in the OP’s videos.

I’ve tried a lot of things to force no FPS drops like playing with AMD Chill, forcing a cap, toying around with Vsync, Adaptive FreeSync etc but to no avail.

Just want to add my experience here, did almost everything said in this tread, and nothing worked. It started with just a light studded after a few minutes in the match, then it became seconds, then the menu… now, my game crashes after 1min of it open and i couldn’t even drive 1m forward in the test drive. I cant believe it, just after i bought that 90d premium that was 50% off, and all my boosters expiring, now i have to wait and watch this tread and keep opening my game to see if it went away

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Got a 7800x3d, Rtx 3070ti and 32gb ram and this has started happening to me recently out of the blue, It always happens in the middle of matches and its infuriating


Could you explain step by step how to reproduce what you did please ? I don’t understand well :/

I’ve had the stuttering issue for awhile, however it went away for a bit after I completely removed and reinstalled my gpu drivers, as well as when I upgraded my ram.

This got me thinking that one cause may be related to the computer’s uptime. I usually hibernate my system and restart once every few weeks (from a BSoD). If that is the case, then turning off Fast Startup and rebooting might help you. If you want to check how long your system uptime is, open Task Manager, click the Performance tab, and Click CPU. It should be at the bottom of the shown info.

Past 1 day, I will start seeing stuttering, at around 5 days, I get stuttering every few seconds, and after 10 days the game is usually stuttering multiple times a second and is nearly unplayable.

I haven’t done much testing to see if the system runtime really is related or not, but it seems to be for me, and it might be for you to. At least it’s something else to try I guess.

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Now this, is an interesting point to make… Uptime.

Ive had this stuttering issue ever since i update my game ready driver in geforce experience, I noticed this and have downgraded and uninstalled my drivers to multiple different versions and it seems it just dosent work, Sometimes as soon as i open my PC and go on war thunder i will maybe get one game where there the stuttering is almost un-noticable but gets worse immediately after the game. (The stuttering occurs everywhere from ground RB and the menu interface) This sucks because had spent money on this game for the first time ever and now my premium acccount is going to run out after barely using it :(

I also noticed after updating my drivers it is taking way longer to load into games which is weird since i have a good PC (rtx 3060 AMD ryzen 5600) and internet.

Bumping this issue as this has been an ongoing issue and this post needs to be pinned.

My specs as follows:
RX 6600
WT installed on NVMe m2 2TB drive
Windows 10 Pro x64

Stutters in GPU intensive areas where I’ve never had issues past months. AMD Driver is up to date, clear shader cache, when stutter is bad(i.e. freeze >1-2 seconds) game crashes to desktop.

Only happens in war thunder, I haven’t had critical hardware failure or software issues related to other games. Gaijin please dedicate a proper team instead of sending work offshore; a lot of these ‘patches’ end up breaking more stuff every update.

My open issue on gaijin’s community website related to this topic: Community Bug Reporting System

Relevant screenshot:

Honestly game is almost unplayable, I had one game where my tank took an aphe to the face n tanked it and the game instantly froze and 1-2 seconds later crashed. Important facts to consider, the game froze as the explosion particles blew up in my gunner view camera so this is definitely a issue related to graphics and seems to me like a memory leak issue. Please address this as it is urgent for most players.

You could actually need to clear out the compiled shaders folder to be honest, but that’s the sort of thing missed by people that get to reading some ‘info’ from other sources, and not do anything to actually diagnose the issue.

I will attempt this, but then again this is not a normal fix nor a normal issue for people to go completely out of their way to fix. Only those really dedicated to playing War Thunder will do their due diligence and go through an entire process just to play the game under normal circumstances.

This needs to be addressed by Gaijin and a bandaid fix will definitely not promote the new player base to stay. I can imagine being a new player and if I were to face crashes/stutters on this old game I wouldn’t even care for fixing it; I would most definitely play a non-broken game. Their damage model isn’t that crazy to drool over, I would rather prefer to play a game that doesn’t crash or stutter and this is coming from someone that used to play Dayz Mod on Arma 2 average 15-30 fps lol.

It’s not an uncommon suggestion, and to think about it doesn’t take an overly technical mind.

And here I am, looking through these threads, posting suggestions and questions.

This is actually a normal process, one that needs people to actually do what’s asked and suggested, rather than just reading those numerous posts around the place saying there’s an issue, not doing anything and just taking the situation as a problem without eventrying anything.

I can imagine new players reading this sort of thing that is put out in these sorts of threads, with no abatement from anyone other than those ffected complaining, finding a reason to lean on the ‘It’s broken’ mentality, but it doesn’t mean that it is, or that the issue you think you’re finding is accurate.

This is beside the point.

Clear the folder out, verify files, start the game…

Also just to highlight something along these lines, check your settings.

Use Geforce Experience if you’ve got it installed and use the game optimized settings in the profiler, and even notch it back a bit in the custom option if it’s not having effect.

You assume too much, and yes the average user is not technical in the mind you can’t honestly believe everyone is as capable as you are, smh. Get out of that fantasy world.

Just judging by you having a profile pic is enough of a statement on that end, you are definitely more dedicated to this game/community then average user.

Don’t justify what isn’t actually a normal process when this issue has been open for over a year. Please do your own research on this subject. I’ve only recently encountered this issue as I’ve updated my drivers, however, I’m not even sure what driver version was working fine if that will even fix it(most likely not).

Most new players won’t give the game a 2nd chance if all they face is stutters and crashes to the desktop so please stop gloating over this game and lack of accountability or at the very least acknowledgment for these issues. A good permanent QA/development team most likely will fix these issues Gaijin seems to be creating out of thin air.

I will let you know if this fixes it in an hour or so, my guess is it won’t as file validation didn’t find any corrupt files deleting shaders from shader folder is not needed in most cases.

Still persists even after ur ‘fixes’. This is software issue related on Gaijin’s side not client side as I assumed.

You’ve done one attempt, and you’re already writing it off…

Yet you have the ability to post on a forum assuming that it’s just the game.