Game has suddenly started with heavy freezes / stuttering

Same prob, since December 2023, in my precision 5740, 64Gb ram. That’s ridiculous, and I can’t play WT without taking blood pressure pills.

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Same problem since november, just gotten worse and worse.
3080ti and 5900X 32Gb

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Same issue here. Shows 100+ FPS but stutters like it’s running at 10fps. Comes & goes.


Same issue there, i still have a big stutter (3seconds maybe more) at the begin of a game, since 1 or 2 months, zero fixe since that bug.

I would pull my hair out if I had any. This is a major problem. Freezes every time I return to hanger or change a screen. Every time.

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Same issues:
Big stutters that happen for 2-4 seconds in the menu and matches.
Plus every time without fail the game black screen freezes after every match, where If I want to keep playing (if I could) I would have to task manager the game and then relaunch it.
Stutters are new for me but the black screen has been going on for a month or so, I barely touch this game anymore because of these

i also have this problem,When switching vehicles or painting, the game will get stuck for a long time

So oddly enough I was trying to mess around with graphics settings as much as I could to try and reduce the freezing and I noticed something. I used the GPU benchmark option and chose max FPS, the settings applied were much, much higher than what I had selected manually. For context, my FPS on my prev setting was 200–300 fps, with exception to when the game freezes causing 0 fps. Now the max FPS settings caused around 80–100 fps and during the first two round of playing, I had no freezing while playing. Only after that did the heavy freezing return, albeit a little less, but was still noticeable of a sign of improvement.

turns off automatically for unknown reasons when i login…2 day i can’t join, i need support
13th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-13650HX
ram 16gb

Happens to me at the start of ground matches. It can be in the middle of an early firefight or literally two seconds after spawning. Been happening for almost 4 months at this point

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Same issue here. i just started with this game a few days ago. The first 2-3 days np at all, all was running smooth. Then since of yesterday the game stated freeze, crach and had sound stuttering. Randomly crash and blue screen of dead since that. I have a top gamer pc, and only faces trouble and serious bad cashes in Warthunder?! I do seriously hope Ganjii will fix this issue. It´s been a heavy thing for a long period now, I can seen in forums, technical advises etc. that this crash/freeze problem keeps going on and on and on??? Any help?!

My game keeps freezing after a game. When loading back to hangar it detects a freeze. Sometimes it takes like 3 games but sometimes it happens after the first game. Already reinstalled the game but that didn’t fix it so seems like its a patch issue or something.
Fresh reinstalled my pc 3 days ago and updated all drivers.

Ryzen 9 7950x
RTX 4090 ROG strix

It didynt work for me💀

I have the same problem. In ground battles, the game starts to freeze every now and then for 1-2 seconds and then stops. It started after one of the last updates.

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It’s still happening, this is unplayable. I have NO idea why it’s happening and have tried so many things to fix it. PLEASE.

It freezes for a second every like 3 seconds, in the hangar and in battle.


Same here. Pretty much unplayable for months.


That works for me too, lasts for like a day. So still unplayable.
(RX 6950XT)

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Ok so I just received an update for by GPU driver today, and I’ve been playing a couple rounds and so far I didn’t experience any freezing. Maybe the problem’s solved?

Using a GTX 1650Ti

I think war thunder may have memory leak issues. Game is stuttering for me constantly and when I shut dond war thunder I can see in task manager that 80% of my pc memory is gone. I have confirmed that this behavior only happens with war thunder with my PC settup.

I am also having same issue as well that WT is getting unplayable when FPS gets like fps loss hiccups or less than 1 sec freezes/stuttering. When my fps is around 180fps then suddenly see -100 fps for 1 sec then goes back to normal.

I don’t like to play now. :(

This issue happened earlier and yesterday when I updated my gpu driver. It still keep going.

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