Game Fixing Suggestion for RB

Gaijin should removed the ability to see the enemy name tags from so far away in Air RB and make it more like SB where only friendlies show up at .5 miles.

This will make Air RB more realistic by making people identify a target with the radar or visually before lopping a missile across the map. it very easy to see red text and shoot at it with out identifying.

You already have the ability to look around in third person view…

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This would lead to endless Team kills and 3rd party kills, like Sim. In order to do this for Air RB, they would need to have friendly markers remain on as they are right now.

People struggle to stay aware right now in the 16 vs 16 chaos and removing all enemy markers would make those problems far worse and lead to 90% of deaths being due to players being unaware.

Air RB would become more braindead than it is right now.

Removing enemy markers could work for an EC mode with respawns but players would need to begin the match spread out - multiple airfields to try to discourage the 16 vs 16 furball.


But less fun


Two different methods of using a mouse in SimEC. No big red markers is well worth the effort to learn. 😉

Agree wholeheartedly. There was an EC RB test with markers being nearly nonexistent like Sim and it was more fun than anything I have ever played in my history playing WT.

Any plane class could actually function and function well. Maybe I’d make friendly markers go out to say 1.5km to avoid the friendly fire chaos that event had. No clue how things would work in high tier jets though as many nations have the exact same plane.

Seems damn near everybody agrees EC is a better base to build upon than what Air RB has been allowed to rot into.

Imagine a Full Combined Arms EC mode based off of Naval EC maps, with player planes, helis, tanks, ships, PT boats, and (soon) submarines. No vehicle class behind a SP wall. There’s just so much more that Gaijin can do with EC than Air RB at this point.

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like i said in another topic the majority of the playerbase wants to play Air RB EC and thats been requested for years now… i really dont understand why gaijin refuses to do something about it…

every goddamn week there is another topic in this forum with the exact same request…

theoretically we should ping a forum mod everytime Air RB EC is getting requested maybe that will work xD

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@Stona_WT why isn’t this something that gets adopted? Just leave the labels to Air Arcade, since this essentially RB into an arcade mode by people just randomly lobbing missiles at red labels and EC is no longer getting updates or fixes? (such as the skill bonus)

anyone can point and click!!!, using a mouse is silly…use a joystick and pedals lol

Seems you forget damn near everybody that isn’t active in the forum or socials, or isn’t joining the complain threads.

EC is the same as always. Fighters are still going to rush the middle and furball. On the current, albeit rare, EC maps, even with spread out bases, some ground targets, and missions for AI plane kills, people are still flying dead center to furball. Some people in EC even just straight up leave before the match starts because they don’t want to fly several minutes to start fighting. When will forum/socials people realize that the ones screaming for 8v8 and smaller lobbies are in the minority?

i would be one of the teamkillers

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