Game crashing Temporary solution

found this temporary fix on reddit credits u/ChrisVeren

If your game is crashing after like 1 min after you join a battle try this.

Go to your war thunder folder and in War Thunder\win32 right click on the aces.exe, go to properties then compatibility and check “Run this program in compatibility mode” and on the drop down menu select windows 7, apply, ok and then run the aces.exe in the win32 folder, it will ask you to run the launcher press no and then another pop up will appear press ok, then log in and done.

(the prompt does say game is not supported in win32bit , i just press ok and ignore)

the game works fine for me after, but did experience stutterings and freezes so make sure your client is actually up to date cuz with this method u cannot seem to be able to see new content added in latest update and crash once again

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hope someone already reported this to gaijin, cuz i dont know how lol

that actually works. thank you!

Running the 32 bit version works for me as well! Thanks!

make sure yall undo everything once the issue is fixed by gaijin cuz this method could lead to problems down the line

Now that I’ve actually read what you’re doing, be REAL careful with this… The launcher is what keeps you up to date, and it may work for a while, but if a patch comes out and you’re not up to date then it’ll make a fuss.

This also may not be loading EAC if that somehow is brought in via the launcher as it would seem to imply.