Game crashes upon spawning on City Map (unable to spawn/ PC literally restarts without error report)

I have gotten city map 3 times scattered between Vietnam for 10 times today, and in the first time I couldn’t spawn despite i could switch between teammates viewpoint (still paid the repairs and the standby penalty) the second time the screen got stuck on the whiteboard animation and the third one I spawned and after some time the PC screen went black and the fans booted in on restart. Still had to wait and pay

What is this issue? Why does this specifically happen on city map? Why do I have to wait and pay repairs for something that’s exclusively on the game’s fault? I still have 20gb free of C space from a 125gb ssd. I have nothing else opened in the background, my drivers are up to date. Why is this?

Oh and now after reopening the game it crashed as soon as the client server got connected.