Game Crashes in GRB but only after i spawn in plane

The game crashes every time I use air planes in GRB. It does not crash right away, but it is costing me a lot more time to finish my tasks. Like win battle with so much percentage of activity… This is new since the latest update.

Running 4090 with i91300k


I’m having the exact same issue. Updating graphic drivers doesn’t seem to solve it.

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have you looked in your log?

Do you get the kernel-power 41 error?

no sir. I get No error most of the time.

Same. Often it is on plane crashes, but also just mid-game. Only once I got an error log, otherwise it is just an instant close. Last time it was the second I pressed “M” to look at the map. I could rejoin in the last minute and finish 1st place, but it is REALLY not fun.

I have same issue, my game crashes after getting killed in a plane or when flying a plane and pressing ‘M’(map) button. just straight to desktop. Annoing as hell, and gfx,windows drivers, settings nor reloading WT didn’t help. using 3070 and amx cpu.

Seems I’m having the same issue too,

No answer from Gaijin support I did log it with them.

no response here either. I havent had much of an issue here lately, but im sure as soon as i play next it will crash lol.

I am also getting the same crashing straight to desktop with no error, since the last update. I also noticed it is usually just after I died, this last time specifically while in a plane in Ground RB. Might have also previously been when dying in a plane.
I will try logging it with Gaijin too, surely when loads of people have reported similar issues and the circumstances it crashes it should be easier to fix?