Game Crashes in GRB but only after i spawn in plane

Crash ID: 00bb97feab

Hmm… well Synapse for the Tartarus Pro…

Ive had this issue for almost a year now
gaijin support was not helping either…
I have reinstalled my whole pc, drivers and my game and it didnt change.
It happens for me when there are prop planes (not drones) in my lobby, more often when its me who is flying one of them (my game only crashes while in the air, not while tanking).
Randomly my game closes itself like its being ALT+F4, so there is no crash report.

Same, I was part of the black screen stuff related to HDR on windows. Now the past week it suddenly will freeze once I spawn a plane, or stutter and freeze. Then it’ll unfreeze once I’ve crashed. The game has crashed which hasnt happened in my 8 months of playing. It even did it once in GRB earlier today. I’m using 4080 with hx13950