Game considering team has lost all players when last player alive is taking off in a nuclear strike plane

The game considers there are no more active players left in the match if the last player alive spawns a nuclear strike aircraft (i.e Canberra B mk2/IL-28 and Jaguar E/Su-7BKL) resulting in the player with the nuke losing the match despite being active in the plane taking off to proceed with the game ending nuclear strike.

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That definitely needs to be fixed.
Gaijin should also look into cutting its SP cost down to 2000SP…make the costs reasonable and the mechanic worthwhile–it’s just a meme right now.

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I’m a poor ground RB player, but I’ve gotten enough SP to spawn a nuke at least twice.

Happens in ARB too if you land as the last player, once the airfield respawns you after repair/rearm, the game may consider you dead and end the match.

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I’m an alright RB GFs player myself too, but though I’ve earned the requisite 2500 SP a few times (but not used it, because I didn’t lose my vehicle (not going to needlessly bail out)) and spent hundreds of matches above 6.7, I have never actually seen a nuclear bomber in action.

I cannot imagine that simply being me winning the lottery…as a percentage of games, the amount of ones involving nuclear bombers has to be low.

To make things more interesting, it’d be nice to see access expanded.

That’s good, the mechanic is and should be a meme.

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Fully agree with this observation - this “no active player” game mechanic is somehow broken in Air RB.

Despite the search function is completely useless on the bug report site - you will find dozens of bug reports written by players lost due to this broken game mechanic.

But, this malfunction happens from my pov not only after repairing - much more often you lose as soon as you touch the runway…

I learned it the hard way (i fly props only) to avoid belly landings (in order to accelerate rearming process with 10 seconds repair). As soon as your props get broken whilst touching the runway the game counts you on certain maps and mostly after 20 minutes game time as “non active”.

Same if you got a crit forcing you to land - even if you get a perfect landing the “no active player” BS gets activated.

So after losing some matches (and 2 or 3 wins as i watched the enemy belly landing) i decided to avoid landings after 20 minutes for rearming and stay airborne if i have a clear ticket lead…

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