Gajin is destroying all the franks on the maps, making them unplayable. remove the red line zone so tanks can frank

I completely agree. There were places that only light tanks could reach and that was nice, it was something that light tanks had special but now it’s even useless because light tanks have no penetration or armor, so the only way was to frank.more the gajin is destroying the maps, putting the lines red, hindering the tanks from franking, it’s affecting even the heaviest medium tanks, etc. this is ruining the game. it’s looking more like word off tank and not a game where we’re supposed to feel the tank See how a tank works, use real-life strategies in tanks. But now it’s impossible, it doesn’t seem like a fun game anymore. Tanks were made to outmaneuver and catch the enemy by surprise and it’s not doing that anymore. I’m hoping another game will appear. that the satisfaction of being able to feel like a tanker where the tanker has to have skill and strategy but this is destroying the strategy and ending the theme that I let War Thunder get to where it is today. I have several premium vehicles but now I regret it of giving money to a company that is ruining the maps.



And yeah, I agree. The CQB, COD/CSGO style maps just aren’t fun


They make the map smaller so it’s easier for CAS to find the tanks and fewer places for the SPAA to hide.


there were hot dogs on the map? Where?

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Gaijin just needs to fix the spawns imo but keep the sniper spots etc. Some vehicles are designed for sniping but their possibilities for it are slowly getting removed…


What Gaijin needs to do is to stop ‘assuming’ what the problem is and ‘believing’ they have all the answers and just ask the community what maps are a problem, what the problem is and how they should fix it.

They keep thinking they know it all when they clearly don’t know anything at all and we end up with Kursk being ‘’‘’‘’‘‘fixed’’‘’‘’‘’ but it’s actually just as bad or equal at best.


See, most players don’t like it when they get beat by someone who can think and breathe at the same time. Those players tend to know they can use the whole map. You tend to find the intelligent players playing the flanks. However, those players are smart enough to not give Gaijin all their money. It’s the ones not smart enough to utilize the entire map area who through money at the game. You always see them in the kill feed when they suicide revenge bomb someone. They then complain about map sizes and “op” spots. Rather than learn how to counter those spots or just avoid their sight lines altogether, they complain until Gaijin just removes those spots from play. A good example of this is Jungle. If no one went down that southern road or tried to use the big hill for sniping, then playing that far southern edge (that you can’t get to now) meant doing a whole lot of nothing.

In my time playing this game I have only seen one actually OP spot and that was on the very first Carpathians map. People who remember the original Carpathians map probably know exactly which spot I am referring to.


If I made a few mistakes, I’m sorry, I’m from Brazil and my English isn’t very good.


Spell check bud spell check.

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They caved to the crying minority a few months ago and gave people a forum to make demands and this was one of them. It’s part of their road map plans. It’s dumb but it what the cry babies wanted.


Who’s Frank?

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Joe Frank

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It makes sense, Franks have no place on a 20th Century battlefield.

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As you mention it yourself flanking is and already was prohibited by spots that could only be reached by light tanks, that mind you, already punch far above their weight thanks to no armor best armor and getting far better round than contemporaries at the same BR.

I agree that sizing down maps further more is bollocks but on the other hand there is the unwillingness of GJ to actually balance the damned tanks/tankclasses to their capabilities. Thus all tanks suffer due to that. Put it like that every other game has some sort of rock-paper-scissor concept for balancing weapons etc.

High RPM means low accuracy and low damage, low RPM means medium damage and or high accuracy, high accuracy and high damage means low survivability etc. every weapon/tool has a drawback. Yet in WT Light tanks have high mobility, high pen rounds, high survivability (no armor best armor), drone for self scouting, early CAS spawn and a guaranteed cap/good position.

I have no problem with flanking or being flanked but if its something only one class can do without problems due to its bogus traits then its a problem. The chance that a flanking MBT is either OHK or severely crippled is larger than a BMP, CV or any other light tanks eating a shot that simply does nothing or next to no damage.

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If there is something that I have always liked about War Thunder, it is the freedom of movement, especially in airplanes, in tanks not so much and it gets worse by the moment, increasingly smaller maps, mouse mazes, now red areas that cut off the flanks, it is mandatory Yes or yes and hit you with your face open, the little realism that this game has is being lost, what will be next? We have marks for artillery, marks to mark an objective, marks to indicate a dead tank, next will there be lines on the ground that show you the way to follow?
This is getting worse by the moment, the 2024 roadmap scares me

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Frank Who?
Bean Eyes


Time for #SAVEFRANK ?

  1. Not mocking OP, it is just a spelling error
  2. Seriously, save the flanks, what is it with the majority and the most boring gameplay ever?

63 days since last partaken… Wow it feels good to be away from the worsening experience that is WT.

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because of the map designers’ skill issue, they only know to let tanks play as CSGO or CQB, and they don’t know how to really balance the map.

War Thunder’s maps are too small for high tier. Flanks being removed doesn’t matter when the size of the map itself is so small there is no room to flank.