Gaijins way of balancing stuff is - lazy and archaic

With another very powerful russian tank up for grabs at 10.0 it continues to make me laugh and how bad gaijin is at balancing and the refusal of decompression.

Their whole way of balancing is based on stats of a vehicle after its been played for awhile. But really this causes a lot of problems.

There are certain vehicles that are very powerful and their winrate and kills etc do reflect on how powerful they are but, in most cases someone with a braincell can just see that its powerful and needs to go up.

But the story gets worse when we look at the bigger picture. If we look at Russia for example they have a very good 10.0 lineup with vehicles that should go up in BR but, because there are a lot of premium players and generally unskilled players they get to sit at their BRs and never change.

Tanks that are good at their BR and are taken to a next level by skilled players such as france, are sent to higher and higher BRs, not because of the vehicle but because of player skill.

I mean they show the proposed changes and ask for comments and I ask why even ask because they don’t ever listen. Especially to french players. The only time they listened is bringing the strela up.

I think they need to have a better approach to balancing with more community feedback driven and also still to this day we need full on decompression (especially in air because god damn that 9.3 black hole)


Agree and im posting to keep the thread going


It’s so obvious gaijin doesn’t use weighted average winrates to balance

50% winrate player playing a tank at 60% winrate, tank is OP

60% player playing a tank at 60%, that tank has only 50%

They need to take a statistics class


They don’t use only winrates. They have directly said that they have statistics for winrates, how many vehicles killed, vehicles killed per match, the BR spread of those matches, average place in the team, etc. It is based on far more than just winrates. You can still not like it, but it is not just winrates and they have explicitly said that multiple times.


Haha bro said very powerful. So powerful that the only thing going for that tank is penetration of the round,non existant armor,longer reload than anything else on that BR and also nice cupola weakspot to throw HE into.

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Funny how they refuses to share those datas with community for years (despite we asked countless times). Since we know how Gaijin operates these type of claims doesnt give any kind of trust, safe to say no one is trusting Gaijin after the shitshow they caused on recent devblogs and changes.


Not particularly funny - it is proprietary information central to their game - thinking you have any right to it is ignorant in the extreme!

What is funny is entitled gamers thinking they are somehow owners of the company rather than customers (for those who pay), or the product (for those who don’t)


Oh sorry didnt realized you were another defender of this company, in that case i couldnt care less about your opinion about me.


Tbh only the 2S38 is op at 10.0.
Striela is good, same for SU25 but also very limiter.
Most of the games are full uptier so it is not like they have some kind of edge.
T-72B (1989) is also ok but lacks thermals and have trash optics.

I would say US 10.3 is more stacked than ZSRR 10.0

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Imagine having a tank that can literally pen anything from anywhere.

Since when does armor matter in war thunder?

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Heres something that hopefully calms your mind

You don’t need to trust gaijin. You’re not obliged to trust them.

I personally am trusting them. Most of the recent battle rating changes have been logical to me and expected.


One step forward 5 step backward, safe to say this doesnt change anything in my book.

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You said that ‘‘no one is trusting gaijin’’. I debunked your statement. It should change your opinion. Why discuss if you’re close minded? You don’t gain anything.


Sorry but just because you trust this company doesnt change the overall opinion, most people doesnt trust this company (including me) so your cheap defending gaijin tactic doesnt work in this case.

Try something better.

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You just said that you’re fully ignorant towards any opposing opinion. Why are you acting like you’re open for debate?

Additionally no one has data on how big % of war thunder community ‘‘trusts’’ or ‘‘doesn’t trust’’ the community. A clear majority of the player’s aren’t even on the forum.


İm open to any debate as long as opposite idea isnt blatantly defending gaijin, in that case your opinion as bad as mine so no point to waste my time with you.

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Oh sorry - didn’t realize you were SUCH an idiot - and clearly what I wrote does matter to you since you took the time to whine.


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You already proved how you would consider ANY opposing idea to your opinion as ‘‘blatantly defending gaijin’’. I simply debunked your statement about everyone distrusting gaijin and you still ignored it, even though i’m factually correct and it has nothing to do with defending gaijin, just defending facts.

Starting to using insults huh? Looks like someone is getting butthurt :)

İts good to know that i realized what of kind mindset you had from the beginning.

Safe to say you debunked nothing, majority of the playerbase are not happy with recent shitshows and bs excuses came from Gaijin, sure they took a good step with br changes but this doesnt change or fix other things they caused, like i Said one step forward and 5 step backwards doesnt change overall opinion.

Also if you’re so obsessed with “no one” word i can always change to “majority” that way you can finally stop crying about that spesific word.


You don’t have any data or evidence to prove that majority of playerbase does not ‘‘trust’’ gaijin. You’re spouting unsupported claims. Exaggeration in practice is a lie, ofcourse i’m going to call it out.