Gaijin's double standards - incomming Leopard 2 nerf

If someone doesn’t know - Leopards 2 will probably get nerfed and have only 10 degrees of vertical targeting speed. Why? Because someone found a single document from CIA mentioning it. The document’s first page is dated November 1983. Leopards 2A4 weren’t even produced back then.

So, a ton of documents didn’t make Gaijin give Abrams an improved armor in its later variants but a document from 1983 is a valid source for Gaijin to nerf a tank that was introduced in 1985 (Leopard 2A4).

WTF Gaijin.


Challenge: Gaijin to not take literally anything and everything to nerf NATO vehicles and show your bias.


There are at least a few bug reports about this so hopefull Gaijin won’t nerf the Leos.

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We’ve already found 4 primary sources that state otherwise. If all goes well they should be getting a slight buff, however in all likelihood Gaijin will decide to not change anything.

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Ohhhh nice CIA know better than Germany army who made them and use them lol damn gaijin you’re incompetent for real to think like that what next? FSB know about Leopard 2 more than rheinmetall? or James Bond from MI6 know every part of Leopard2 more than Rheinmetall?


igor from uralvagonzavod know more about leopard than some stupid kmw engineer ))))))


“I found this information about Leopard 2´s scribbled on a napkin, so its true”.

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That’s their reasoning, we will see it coming for sure. The’ ll implement it and after a while and ton of backlash they will come with " Ohh god we were wrong, sources state otherwise" and change nothing like they did with M735 nerf for straight couple of months. Basically someone did bug report that It should have such performance against flat armour and they ve changed it immediately to be L-O long rod formula completely ignored how this round worked in real life ( composite tear-shaped round with tungsten core sheated in steel). So they make it worse than T95 APFSDS and on par with XM578E1 that was significantly shorter and lighter, worse than 3BM-9 all steel and worse than many APDS shells in the game. That’s their “unintentional” nerfs. Definitely this will come as all leopards are over performing right now. Kinda you can see first video on yt that elevation of any Leopard is faster than 10°/s.

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Isn’t the M735 still nerfed anyways?

Yes it is

And of course funny how mod acknowledged it in like one day, just like they were looking to nerf Leopards somewhat but bug reports about NATO tanks armour, features or something are open for 3-4 months without being looked at.

I bug reported the Conqueror in 2018, took like a year to get acknowledged and it’s still not fixed.

Because gaijin uses the “historical argument” only if it fits them. If they want something nerfed they will do it, because they can simply claim that their sources say otherwise or just ignore the bug report.


hope it get nerfed to ground so it stop ruining top tier, 4 fucking 3bm60 to kill one

2a7 and strv 80% winrate due to spall liner

See how long that lasts.

for me it can end now, is just terrible see a team put all effort with better tactics just to get steamrolled by germans/sweden tanks due to that damn spall liner in their hull side

Almost like what Russia’s been doing for 2 years or so, but Germany doing it for how long now? Weeks?


man russia is just after USA for win rates, the top is always germany and sweden, minor nations just get their stats buffed for being nato and get in team with them

yeah yeah when Russian doing that is fine when other doing it = ruining top tier and 4 shot for one 2A7V? lol that seem like your problem because spall liner is like an ERA it disappears after one shot.

Russian with better tactics? lol never heard of it the tactics they do better is holding W and aim at hull of any tanks that not Strv122 and 2A7V you are just act like this one