Gaijin, your game is pointless with this sorry excuse for a match maker

Gaijin, it’s been 11 years, yet you still refuse to design a proper match maker. I have lost all the confidence in this game and its future. Year after year of unbelievable suck with one-sided matches. Constant uptiers and losing streaks. I came to a conclusion that I have to sacrifice at least 1 hour of sucky games a day, where I get mercilessly steamrolled until the matches became a little bit more fair. There is no point of having a match or two in a day, as you will undoubtfully get bent over gaijin’s barrel and be used as a cannon fodder. I find this really really nefarious, as that’s the time you would like to activate your boosters. Say, it ain’t so. Often, I have to activate them in my first or second match, as they will expire in couple of minutes. It’s almost never a positive outcome then.

Tonight I went for that Italian decal with my low skilled crews and just few matches under my belt for this nation. I have lost all three matches in this unbelievable steamroll loss streak, one after another, after another. Every time got bum rushed and killed at the end of the match. There was just no question… zero balance and zero fun. I understand one stupid match here and there, but these are THREE in a row for a nation that I have barely touched. As if by magic, I always seem to be put on the steamrolled side. The thing is the same trend continues day after day and year after year. This almost seems deliberate…

The thing is, if you check out the old forum, I was writing about this same suck something like 5 years ago. Nothing has changed. Imagine sitting on 45-46% win rate years on end and some events having your win rate in the low 30%. I still remember some events that you had to get 10 wins and it would take me around 32 matches to get these wins. That’s 22 losses and 10 wins. Like a clockwork, day after day. I still have the old screenshots somewhere, if I were to care to look them up.

You can have all the income improvements you want, but they mean jack squat with this pathetic match maker. Is that how you zero out the increased income potential, gaijin? I’m not impressed…

Btw, I just had enough of being taken for a ride and exited the game. No desire for more steamroll losses tonight. Gaijin, you should be paying me for wasting my time. I’m paying for quality gaming experience, but none is to be found here. Don’t worry, if more people leave, you can still have your silly bots in tanks, again. You already have them in Naval now. You don’t need us to “play.” The game can play itself, right?


At somepoint you need to admit, it’s just you mate. Maybe stop playing noob mode and play RB.

So score on average in the bottom 46% of your team, trying scoring in the top half and you will win more.


It is stupid to think that you will win more games in RB, Arcade has help for EVERYONE. In a way you’re out in the open all the time and if you make a mistake it’s easier to get killed. I find it funny the people in RB who think they are fighting the real war.

This is just a crypost. The mm sucks but having a win rate below 50% is their fault.


Do you just reply to your own thoughts? What are you on about?


delete the arcade game mods first

What does this even mean? All he said was that RB is harder than AB.

If gaijin found a way to make everyone’s win rate under 50%, they need to publish that math to get a nobel prize.

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War Thunder isn’t balanced around Arcade.

There are tanks which require positioning and stealth to use, just like they did IRL.

If you automatically detect the small tank destroyer in a bush looking at you over a hill across the map, then there’s no way for that tank destroyer to be played. This relegates all combat to who has the bigger gun / armor.

Arcade Ground Battles is balanced around Arcade, which is why vehicles have different BRs between modes, same with air and naval. And Sim have different BRs too.

Also, the shocker:

Popularity =

Ground AB
Air AB
Air RB
Ground RB
(Then the rest).


Stop using common sense - the various partisans will never understand the other parts.

Then I’m sure the author of the post is speaking complete nonsense and there’s no problem at all.

Learn to play against tanks in uptier and you wont mind them. Its not like anything higher than you is impenetrable…

Yes I would say that his view on the MM is not accurate as no knows what the other 31 players are going to bring to individual matches.

Win rate is not personal, that is a culmination of the teams’ players and from seeing how people approach even the starter maps you can see how steam rolls happen in both AB and RB modes.

Well the skill based matchmaking has its own downsides as well, so I doubt it would solve your problem. Personally, I prefer the absence of skill based matchmaking in Warthunder as that makes my games feel less stressful compared to games with it.

Seems like you don’t really want to work on improving your skills in WT and your regime is to just play a few matches for fun and then get out. Then I would strongly suggest to play some single player games instead, where you can tailor difficulty to your liking (I heard that Gunner, Heat, PC! is good single player tank game)

I see this commonly when people treat online PvP games as something to relax at the end of their day, but end up getting frustrated by losing their precious few matches for the day and unfortunately this is common complaint with much more strict matchmaking than here.

EDIT: Don’t get me wrong, I see your point and although I enjoy WT now with decent win rate, I know how it feels to be on the other end, finishing games with little to no kills.
I didn’t really have fun in WT and had low winrate until I reached 3rd rank in my first tech tree only then I started to really pickup on how to play WT properly and started having more success overall. But that requires to invest quite some time and effort and if you can’t do that, I doubt that Warthunder is a good choice for you.

Are you really complain about losing THREE matches in a row??? 🙄

Also, if you activate a booster then you are really asking for having a bad game, I just let them expire.

About unbalanced teams I would have to completely agree with you, the matchmaker completely fails to balance teams and creates most of the steamroll matches we see. It tries to balance vehicles by BR, number of players and number of squads, and it fails most of the time, it doesn’t balance vehicle stats, individual player skill or squad skill.


No, Picard.

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GRB losing again and again, this is a W for me.

If you put the effort into understanding why we state RB and Sim are better. Is because you need to put time and effort into better understanding the game. By no means do we state it’s some infinite war or whatever that’s either us purposely doing immersion RP for the funzies of it, to pass the time as we play the match.

Unlike AB players, you learn coordination, timing, communication, etc. If you are in a team of different aircraft you often have to learn how it performs especially if you trying to bait the enemy to stick to your tail. This works better in RB and Sim than it does in Ab cause everyone has the turn of a bi-plane and or anything incredibly maneuverable. The sacrifice is getting very annoyed.

There was an interesting post a few years back showing trends using the raw data of all matches played, this is a link to the old forum:

I very much doubt there will be much difference from this other than the 3 modes that are quite close, being Arcade Air, Ground, and Realistic Air.