Gaijin will ever fix f16's flightmodell?

i just wondering when gaijin will fix f16’s flightmodell because its just overperforming as hell, nothing difference between a f16 and a gripen, or just buff su27 gripen and the f15 because there is no a reason to release new aircraft when the previous is the same or even better than the more new and advanced fighter, the gripen would eat block 70s alive in a 1v10 visual range situation the su27 same, f16 should have its sustained 10 degree/sec turn rate and max 18 at hard pulling while gripen and su able to pull atleast 30 degree hard and 20 degree/s sustained and to be fair f16 is a fighter bomber while gripen and su27 are air superiority/strike aircaft. gripen and su27 should eat f16s in every single way but its just my opinion

What is overperforming on the F-16? Admittedly I have little knowledge on this plane but after going through the first five pages of the bug report site when searching “F-16 overperforming” I only found two reports about it overperforming, one of them being countered by a different source from a tech mod and another that was closed by the report author themselves.

it isn’t, our OP here is just coping
the F-16, one of the best turn fighters ever created, having only a 10dec/s sustained turn rate is an outright comical claims
erroneous bug reports about these “F-16 OP” claims keep getting closed for this reason

it is overperforming with the AOA in low speeds like a lot.

also flight computer just does not work in the gen 4s.

They need to finish their G-Limit code.

What speeds are shown here? I know the G and AoA is technically enough to figure it out but I’d rather not do the calculations right now

even us government claims that f16 is a max 9g 18deg/sec fighter its gets very unstable at high AOA deltas which means the computer will limit the aircraft at higher speeds and at critical speeds but cannot sustain 18/deg turn computer will limit it to not get into a superstall you cant pull more then 20 AOA its already critical delta f16 quite overperform in flight performance

a lot of claims and no proof

you can check it by yourself there are whole flight manual on the internet

that’s not gonna hold up in a court of law buddy

these are declassified

now post your ingame testing in comparison in a bug report