Gaijin - Why have you MEGA NERFED crew XP?

Thought I’d try another game to fill in some time tonight, to find that crew XP seems to have been nerfed to the point that a reasonable game at BR4.7 is earning single-digit to low double-digit crew XP points whereas previously it had earned quite a bit more. Looks to be a sly move to adjust SL/RP economy (with RP still being super crappy returns) and now to get almost no crew RP per game. Had a good game with eight kills, a cap, and a win using a T1E1 and earned 36 crew XP. Wow. Awesome… At this rate, it’ll take about a decade to max out a single crew.


Have they changed the 3%/1% rule during the last half year?

and that’s why I only play one nation. I cant be bothered to level my crews again

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No they haven’t.

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They didn’t nerf crew XP only, they nerfed ALL

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for every 100 Rp icon.png the player will receive 1 crew XP point which can be distributed to the crew of the vehicle used in that battle. In Arcade battles, every 100 Rp icon.png will grant the player 3 crew XP points

Above is from wiki. Post screenshots or stop trolling.

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The problem is they are greatly nerfing RP these years thus crew XP has accordingly decreased

Its a percentage of the rp you earned. If your trying to use a low tier tank to achieve the same research ypu use to but are researching a hogher tier tank then yes it will seem lower then before. This is because your getting less rp per battle because of the tier spread. Less rp means less crew rp. The system hasnt changed at all.

That’s not quite how it works. What vehicle you’re researching makes no difference on crew XP, it’s either 1 or 3% of the total before that final adjustment.

I am NOT trolling. The fact is the XP rewards are ridiculously low. If that is a byproduct of RP being ridiculously low that doesn’t make it any better. The fact is I used to get more XP than I do now for the same game results. RP awarded for excellent game performance is a joke. As a consequence, the XP awarded is also a joke. If you have a game with 8 kills and get 36 XP, given some crew attributes cost over 700 XP to increase by half a point, you don’t have to be Einstein to work out it’s going to take forever to fully spade a crew.

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So you get more crew XP playing AB?

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Not exactly. If you play the regular Arcade you distribute XP points across all vehicles in the lineup. But…in Arcade Assault you may play many times the same crew and concentrate XP. Even more, you may play Arcade Assault for planes and use XP points on the tank crew in the same slot. I play Arcade Assault in tank Rank I (100% success) and upgrade my Jet crew.

I forgot to mention that in Arcade Assault you must win to get the decent RP/XP score. You may also get a big RP booster up to 300%.
To win for sure:
Ground - a vehicle max BR2.3
Air - a plane min BR6.7 (ideally an early jet)

Hmm… Interesting, what is annoying is that XP conversion rate for SB feels significantly lower than that in RB. It seems strange that the lower difficulty modes reward more crew XP

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Just had a game where I had ELEVEN kills. Of course the rest of the team was useless as usual and we lost, but the RP for eleven kills and not dying was just over 600 and consequently 20XP (WOW). ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Fortunately I get a decent amount of kills most games but if you only get 600RP and 20XP for ELEVEN kills, how is a player who gets maybe one or two kills a game ever going to get anywhere? And this was at BR4.7

Another game with 9 kills, 2 assists and a win without being killed once was worth 800 RP. Seriously poor.

And you might as well do away with the worthless convertible RP given it can’t be used for anything worthwhile. What a pointless thing.

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At least we only have to suffer or pay once for all tanks per nation, similar to bushes. Wargaming wants you to grind crews for ($$$) every vehicle.

It is only a problem in ground and navy, Gaijin wanted to monetize it more. Air is a breeze and very fair since the start. Thanks for not changing it Gaijin.

So yes if I start a new nation in ground I P2Skip it for 4,5$ per crew which gives you the most important things.

But sadly ground takes way to long, many reporting reaching acc level 100 and only playing one ground nation and being far far away from maxing it out. So I agree with people calling it paying for advantage or however you wanna call it.
I play all modes and many nations so I can´t comment on the time it takes, all I know: ground is IMPOSSIBLE if WarThunder isn´t your job.

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Example of a ”crew training day” (same crew slot) :

Ground Arcade Assault (AA), T-28 USSR (BR1.7), 25 minutes of match, win, 1800RP, 54XP

Air AA : MiG-21SMT (BR10), 25 minutes of match, win, 3200RP, 96XP

Total : in 50 min I got 150XP

Bonus: I also got 2 x 300% RP boosters to use with a plane or tank of your choice; if you have a decent vehicle on the same slot you will continue to gain XP!

Note: randomly you get SL boosters instead of RP

You don’t get 25 minute games in Arcade. My reference was to Arcade only. Sorry. Should have been more specific. With the spastics that Gaijin dishes up as team mates, a match is lucky to last FIVE minutes.

I meant “Arcade Assault” not regular Arcade

More than pandering to air players they simply changed very little how crew xp works, which incidentally favors Air player.

For example If you are a ARB player you simply use 2 max 3 crews, one for each type of aircraft (fighter, striker, bomber), while in AAB you are encourage to use as many crew slots as possible , plus in AAB you get a lot less xp, so they decided to give the arcade players more crew exp to help grind those crews.

This became a problem when they introduced the ground forces AND spawning points system: thanks to that - ironically - you end up using a LOT more crew slots in GRB then in GAB. Now in GAB you can spawn only 3 times with tanks, and still get 3 times crew exp, while in GRB you can end up respawning 6 o 7 times if you want and still get only 1%!

They definitely need to rework this thing and balance it out for all modes.